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Suggestions and Requests / Python Support
« on: March 09, 2005, 04:32:44 pm »
Well since PHP is there, it would be nice to see python too.  If there were some instructions for how to define the grammar, maybe a guide for plugin development, I would even take a crack at it as a freeware item.

Suggestions and Requests / Feature Overload
« on: August 19, 2003, 06:51:30 am »
I am currently evaluating EA 3.51, and while I am very impressed with the features and pricepoint, I have some questions concerning the overall direction of the product.

I have walked through some of the features which I consider ancillary to my uses of EA, and although I could see a minimal benefit of providing built in features for project management, test script tracking, defect tracking, and cost estimation, I think most people would prefer using existing products for those purposes.  

It certainly is nice to have a single point of entry into all those systems, but I would want EA to consider the solution as heterogenous, rather than providing out of the box functionality.  In other words, while it is useful to have the ability to enter people, resources, and tasks into EA, it would be even more useful if I could import the ones I have in MS project.  I would make the same point for defects, cost estimation, etc.

It is certainly appealing to see a project plan come visually alive in EA, but if this occurs at the expense of doing all my project planning in EA, I would prefer to pass.  Linking elements from my UML diagram to a project plan would be useful, but it would probably require alot of care and maintenance and quickly fall out of sync.    

From the report generated with the built in defect tracking tool, I can tell that there is still a bit of work that needs to go into that side of the product.  My report text ran way outside of the table format and looked very garbled.  It was certainly not something that I would want to generate to hardcopy for review.

The core functionality, on the other hand, is incredible.   Keep up the great work.  Maybe you can give me an inkling of where you are going with all the additional features that IMHO clutter the product.

Tim Kadom

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