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* Using Enterprise Architect version 13.5.1351

* Following Create Stereotype Profiles as per

* Trying to extend the Parameter Metaclass

* But can't locate it!  I can find ParameterSet but not Parameter.

What am I missing?

General Board / UML Structural: behavioral/behavior port
« on: October 07, 2015, 08:54:19 am »
As search in all the places suggested by the etiquette guide yield nothing - the general question is - How is a behavioral port represented in Sparx EA? In particular, Figure 4-6 of UML 2.0 in a Nutshell? (scroll down here: )

In words, the diagram has a classifier with a port on its boundary, and a state inside the classifier.  The state and the port are connected. I presume by a connector, but Sparx EA tells me that is invalid UML.

Text accompanying Figure 111, page 170 of the UML 2 SuperStructure document (on the Sparx website at  (PDF) ) says: "A behavior port is indicated by a port connected through a line to a small state symbol inside the symbol representing the containing classifier".   My question can be rephrased - per Sparx, what is the correct type of line - I thought it had to be "connector", but EA says it is bad UML.

Thanks in advance!
-Arun Gupta

PS: this page
says that " a connector with one or more ends connected to a port that is not on a part and that is not a behavior port is a delegation; otherwise it is an assembly".   I'm unable to make delegation or assembly work, it is denied as invalid UML.

General Board / Help - import UML Profile for XML
« on: April 19, 2014, 05:56:13 am »
I've tried the "Generate MDG Technology File..." route of trying to import the XSD Profile referenced on this page, with no success:

Am using Enterprise Architect v 10.0.1007, Corporate Edition.

New user, so please be gentle  :)

PS: what is the meaning of "One or more Packages missing Filename" when trying to "Generate XML Schema"?

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