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General Board / BPMN: reuse Pools/Lanes across Business Processes?
« on: October 11, 2011, 06:38:58 am »
Similar to how in Use Case Model you capture all Actors in one place (say, Actors package) and than (re)use them into multiple Use Case diagrams, in BPMN Model, I want to capture all Business Process participants (Pools/Lanes) in one place (say, Participants package) and than reuse them (drag-and-drop from Project Browser, as links) into multiple Business Processes (diagrams). However, when I do that, sometimes EA has a hard time recognizing Lane-Pool (child-parent) relationships and allowing me to "glue" them together (i.e. when dragging a Lane on top of a Pool, the Pool's border flashes and allows linking them together).

Has anybody done this before and, if so, can you please share some tips on how to make it work? Or, if you think it's a bad idea, please let me know why you think so.

Note: I searched all I can search (in and out of Sparx website) and could not find any references of anybody doing this.


Bugs and Issues / Team Review entries in replicas: do they sync?
« on: October 11, 2011, 06:22:45 am »
I am using a Master Design EAP with 2 remote (literally, across the world) users working in replicas (which, obviously, are synchronized back to the Master Design file).
We are also using the Team Review (on <Current Model>, hence the a replica file) and categories, topics, or post entries seem to have a hit-or-miss behavior when synchronizing the replicas (w.o.w. sometimes they show in other person's replica, other times they don't... or, it appears, some times one person's Team Review entries even overwrite the other person's entries).
Anybody knows if Team Review works in a replication environment? If so, any clue what am I doing wrong (and, of course, some help on how to correct that;-)?

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