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I need to access the running instance of EA from C#,
I have two machines one with EA version 10 installed and the other has version 12
The following code snippet works fine and returns the correct connection string with EA Version 10

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EA.App EAApplication = (EA.App)Marshal.GetActiveObject("EA.App");
string connStr = EAApplication.Repository.ConnectionString;
Collection models = EAApplication.Repository.Models;

but with EA version 12 ConnectionString is empty and it throws an exception that a file must be open before accessing the repository members.

In order to install my add-in the users need administrator access on their machines to register the dll in the registry using regasm.exe
is there a way to enable users who have no admin access to use install the add-in?

Bugs and Issues / Code reverse engineering problem
« on: January 12, 2016, 08:11:22 pm »
When I attempt to use "Code Engineering > import source directory" it works fine if the target package is empty,
but, if the package is not empty(contains sub-packages), the reverse results into an empty diagram and no elements are created.

Kindly check this snapshot

In need to generate diagrams out of source code programmatically (Using Interop.EA in C#),
How can that be done? I couldn't find it in the SDK Guide or anywhere else.

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