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General Board / Drawing relationships between documents.
« on: April 21, 2016, 07:31:26 pm »
Hello All

I want to capture in my model, and draw a diagram of, a hierarchy of Engineering Documents and references between documents and to other elements in the model.

There's a wide range of documents I want to depict: Company and Worldwide Standards, Test Results, Supplier Data Sheets, etc., etc.  They're pretty well always Microsoft Office format or PDF.

I want to have elements on a diagram that represent each document and I want to double-click on that element to have the document open.  And I also want the element (for each document) to appear in the Project Browser so that I can reuse that element in various other diagrams.

In my mind this sounds easy... but I can't do it!

A "hyperlink" from the "Common" toolbox gives me something in a diagram I can double-click on to open the document, good,  but hyperlinks don't appear in the Project Browser (bad).

Adding a hyperlink to the notes of a block, for example, gives me something in the Project Browser (good) but doesn't provide a quick way of getting to the linked document (I have to click through to the properties dialog, then ctrl-click the link - and that doesn't always appear to work).

I've also tried the <<artefact>> element from the Common Toolbox and that doesn't provide the double-click through to the external document either.

Is there (an obvious?) way to do this that I've overlooked?


Hello all

I'd like to show some element tags, but not others, in the tags compartment of elements on a diagram.

I'm using EA 12.1 Sys Eng and SysML 1.4.   I've extended some SysML types via a profile by adding tags (as described here:,30606.msg222941.html#msg222941)

I'd like to display my new tags in the element's compartment but not other tags that I don't use (e.g. id, risk, source).   Is that possible?
I guess it could either be done at "display time" when I add the element to a diagram, or more likely at the time I create the new element type in a profile - I don't know how to though.
Any hints?

General Board / SysML enumerations
« on: April 05, 2016, 10:42:25 pm »
Hello All,

I'm using SysML 1.4 in EA 12.1 SysEng Edition to model a system (electronics, software and some mechanical aspects).

I'm performing high level design using SysML 1.4  <<block>> elements and have been happily giving some blocks "value" properties typed by a <<valueType>>.

I've defined valueTypes for things like "speed", "power", "temperature".   All good so far.  I can create value properties for blocks using these valueTypes.  And I can use the same valueTypes for flow properties.

I'd like a block to have a value property which is of an enumeration type.  How do I model that?  I can create <<enumeration>> elements and use literal attributes to define the set of possible values of that enumeration but I can't use the <<enumeration>> to type a block's value property.  Block properties that are typed with <<valueType>> are shown as "values" whereas those typed with <<enumeration>> are shown as "properties".

How do I define a valueType for something like "color" which can only have values Red, Orange, Yellow, Green?  And use that as the type of a block's value property?

Note that the purpose of the "model" is to communicate to other team members, we're not intending to generate code or perform simulations etc, it all about human-to-human communication.

General Board / Extracting date-series data from EA (not date-time)
« on: March 23, 2016, 10:32:37 pm »
I'd like to have some time-series graphs such as "requirement count over time" and "Use Case count over time".

I think the built-in time-series dashboard chart can't be run retrospectively: I think it only generates a data point when it is run manually.  I want a graph that starts from a date in the past.

I'm using EA 12.1 with a local .eap file (jet).

I'm thinking I'll write a simple SQL Query to extract the data and then chart that in Excel.

An SQL Query like the following doesn't work because the CreatedDate field is a date & time.
select t_object.CreatedDate,
  from t_object
 where t_object.Stereotype like '*requirement*'
 group by t_object.CreatedDate

How do I get my query to return (and group by) the date part only (not a date-time)?

I assume I'd manually run the SQL Query in EA and then copy the data to Excel.

General Board / Profiles and how to extend SysML extendedRequirement.
« on: March 22, 2016, 02:42:28 am »
When working with requirements written by my customers I often have "requirements" that are actually "titles" and "information" rather than actual requirements.  I want to include these in my model - there's value for myself and my customer to do so.   I'm using SysML 1.4 which has an <<extendedRequirement>> type from which  <<functionalRequirement>>, <<interfaceRequirement>>, <<designConstraint>> and others are based.

I'd like to add two more stereotypes, based on <<extendedRequirement>> called "titleRequirement" and "informationRequirement".

I think I do that using a Profile but I'm finding that an overwhelming subject and haven't succeeded yet.  Here's what I've been trying:

I can see my profile in the toolbox but I can't see my new titleRequirement type.   What have I missed or done wrong?

I'm using EA 12.1 (1228) System Engineering Edition and sysML 1.4.

General Board / Export/Import to upgrade SysML elements.
« on: March 16, 2016, 08:54:28 pm »
I'm using EA 12.1 SysEng Edition and SysML 1.4 however I started my model without the SysEng Edition (so without the built-in SysML) and using the old MDG SysML add-on.

I'm now not-using the old SysML addon and have selected Extensions, MDG Technologies..., SysML1.4 (and deselected all other SysML versions).

I therefore want to "update" or "upgrade" the elements in my model to SysML 1.4 stereotypes.  I understand the technique to do that is with an Export-to-csv, edit the csv, import-from-csv workflow.  This isn't working for me.  Here's what I'm doing:

Right click on a package (or view) in the Project Browser and select Import/Export, CSV Import/Export...
Create a Specification (I call it "All") and press the Edit/New button to detail it:
   Delimiter = ,
   Select Element Fields: Name, Type, GUID, Stereotype and Full Qualified Stereotype.
Run the export (including Subfolders and Column Names).
Edit the generated .csv file (e.g. Excel):
   In column "Type" for the ValueTypes: change from "Class" to "DataType".
   In column "Stereotype" for the ValueTypes: change "valueType" to "ValueType".
   In column "Fully Qualified Stereotype":
         change: "SysML Block Definition::block" to "SysML1.4::block"
         change: "SysML Block Definition::valueType" to "SysML1.4::ValueType"
Save the new csv file and import.
EA reports that is updating all the elements but the elements are not actually updated in EA to SysML 1.4 elements. 

The import has been performed in that if I change the name of the element in the CSV file, that change is seen in the model after the import.  The element types are not changed though.

Am I missing a step or doing something wrong?

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