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General Board / Mass Update of Components
« on: April 20, 2016, 10:50:14 pm »
Good Afternoon,

My company and I are in the process of configuring Sparx for our use, and as a result, decisions we have made in the past now need to be altered. We have many components set to be of type "component" with no stereotype. We would like to align to the TOGAF extension stereotype and mass update the necessary components to be of stereotype "applicationcomponent" together with the additional tag values that this stereotype holds.

Naturally, we can go through each component in turn changing the type but this would not be a constructive use of time. Is there any way to mass do this? i.e. select a group of components (either in browser or on a diagram) and alter all their stereotypes? I can update the component within the database (t_object) but the messy side is the creation of the new tagged values holder in t_objectproperties, as well as the assurance that everything else that is required to be updated has been updated.

I've searched the forums and cannot find an answer to this.

Thanks in anticipation,



I'm trying to automate the import of relationships between two packages within EA using Microsoft Excel - Import Excel Document.

I have two packages A and B, each with multiple components but each packages is of their own stereotype. Package A can have a dependency on or more component from package B. The dependency relationship is from A to B.

Please can somebody advise/provide a template that could import the following into EA:

Package A contains:

Package B contains:

x is dependent on 1, y is dependent on 1 AND 2, z is dependent on 2.



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