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We are thinking about developing some add-in for Sparx EA. But due to some circumstances, we would like to be able to integrate the add-in into an aready installed instance of EA on a client which does not offer administrative access (e.g., registry can not be called or changed).

I'd like to add users to the t_secuser table in the database. Therefore i need to know how the password encryption is done. PW should be a salted hash value, but which algorithm and which salt? What about that UserId? Values like {5289B49E-4DF8-49ea-85BB-10E5F20917A9} are there for existing users...

thanks in advance

We are running our repo on a ms sql database, the backup is just another database. We use the project transfer tool (DBMS to DBMS) to do the backup, but we would like to automate that.
Does anyone already have a scipt/tool available for this purpose?

If not, i am firm with java development and saw the projectTransfer method in the API documentation. But does this method also allow DBMS to DBMS?

Our version of SPARX EA is 12.0.1215, our project/repo has security enabled.

thanks in advance

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