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i am experimenting with the broadcast events for automated updates. I want react to connection creation / deletion. To do so, i modify the EA_PostNewConnector(...) - event in my C#-Addin. The problem i noticed is, that this event will only occur if the connector is created on a diagram. But there are a lot of other ways creating a connector (out of script, Project Browser -> Add -> Create Link, Addin itself). Whats the reason behind this architecture or am i just missing something (maybe overlooked a method) to interpose directly to model change notifications?


Hi there,

just one / two short question(s): Is it possible to create and embed own Views in Enterprise Architect (i.e. there are the "Toolbox"-, "Traceability"-,"Project Browser" .... - Views) with a C#-Addin. If not, is it possible to implement a Window with Windows.Forms / Windows.Presentation to create own Views?

Thanks for you help.


General Board / Create Common Diagram Objects out of a script
« on: June 24, 2016, 11:04:24 pm »

i wanted to create a Hyperlink Diagram object out of a vbs, but i actually dont know how, because no element has to be created for it.
Can someone post a valid solution?

Thx a lot & great weekend :)

General Board / How to set Attribute.Type from VB Script
« on: June 01, 2016, 06:19:23 pm »

i want to set the Type-property of an attribute of an element to a self defined DataType. I tried to set the dataType.ElementGUID to the attr.Type, but it dont create the reference.
What I have to to set there?

Thx, Erik


i create a UML Profile. Within i want a Stereotype to have a TaggedValue, that is a list of references to other Stereotypes in my UML Profile. I know how to create a single-reference TaggedValue (TaggedValue Connector), but not for a collection of references. How can achieve this?

Thanks, and greets, Erik

just a quick question.

Because the following vb-script snippet is NOT working for me (Error: Object requiered: "bitv"):
Code: [Select]
dim bitv as EA.TaggedValue
set bitv = element.TaggedValues.GetByName("BuiltInType")
bitv.Value = refBuiltIn.ElementGUID

i do it in the other way which is working:
Code: [Select]
for each tv in element.TaggedValues
if (tv.Name="BuiltInType") then
tv.Value = refBuiltIn.ElementGUID
end if

Just wondering why the first snippet is not working ^^
Happy weekend.



as the title says, i want to virtualize a component with some of its ports. Two ports of two different components are connected by an association. Because there are components with lots of ports, i want to virtualize a component with a subset of its containing ports, but it seems EA does not support this. Is there a work around or best-practice?

Kind regards, Erik

Bugs and Issues / Hide/Show labels of Ports
« on: May 20, 2016, 08:38:16 pm »

just a quick question - how can i Show and Hide the Labels of Ports? I mean, if i Right-Click on a label which is part of a port, there is an option "Hide Label" in the Context Menu. But how can I show it again and how can i hide and show the labels of more ports? (I expected here the same Context Menu Entry as it exists for Connectors, but it doesnt.)

Greetings Erik

Bugs and Issues / Simple SQL-join in a file-based repository
« on: May 18, 2016, 05:39:08 pm »

i wantet to experiment a bit with the SQL-Query-based searches (e.g. the "Find in Project"-View) in my file based repository. But i ended up really fast by triing to join tables

Log says:
DAO.QueryDef [3135]

Syntaxfehler in JOIN-Operation.


FROM (t_object join t_package on t_object.Package_ID = t_package.Package_ID)

If i remove the brakets, the error changes to DAO.QueryDef [3131]

Is it only possible to build and use more complex SQL-queries if the repository is managed as a DBMS?



i am fairly new to EA and developing a MDG Technology in Enterprise Architect, containing a UML-Profile.

I added a Unit-Stereotype (extending UML:Component) and a Signal-Stereotype (extending UML:Port).

After I added a Signal to Unit, the Signal is docked/anchored to the Unit - like a Port to a Component but it is extremely over sized (sth like 200x150). If i add a Port to the Unit the port keep its default size of 16x16. I tried to set the default size of Signal (_sizeX, _sizeY) but it wasnt helping.

Anyone has an idea to fix that problem or is it a bug?

Kind regards, Erik

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