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In EA Repository we have a lot of duplicated element for same objects.
How to replace those in an efficiant way??
- 3:rd party product (Expensive)?
- Own script (Difficult) ?
- Dont bother hmmm

Have some users using an propritary notation "Prime Arch" that is as Archimate om Steriods :o.
Now they have some issues and we Wonder how to simply transform those models  to UML and/or Archimate.
By Transformation script or  standard scripting (JavaScript).
Whats easiest method??

Under 2020&2021 we where testing the full stack of PCS&WebEA and Prolaborate.
As system responsible för Sparx EA plattform I help about 50 users with users problems, Sparx EA UI changes in each new versions etc. But as Prolaborate is an orthodox overlay to the Sparx EA platform, I dont understand wy all new stuff as drill down charts, templates and features is NOT stored in same databas and USEFUL for ordinary Sparx EA & Web-EA users.
To use those tools together we need an superuser with some schizofren ability. Or hire 2 diffrent persons with diffrent abilitys.
- Create good looking charts & templates for Sparx EA modellers & Web EA users
- Create by another tool, good looking charts & templates for premium Web users who pays more than ordinary WEB-EA users

Other EA tools may have some separation for Premium & ordinary user groups, but most have same toolbox & common platform.
Its the same problem as MS Office had have with different dev-groups för Word, Excel & PowerPoint. Each product handels MetaData/Tags diffrently and does not support VBA in same way. Completly diffrent anmials but in same zoo.

We have an Central Directory (organizations & users) where consuming systems use diffrent attributes.
Today its documented in an "Huge" Excel" with Interface & attributes as Y-axel and Consuming system as X-Axel and CRUD function in resp cell.

I have imported parts of this excel into Sparx EA
- Interface & Attributes as UML Class object and its published attributes
- Consuming Systems is already in the Repository as Archimate ApplicationComponents
- Was trying a Matrix for the relations, but the Attributes in each class was not selectble in the Matrix, only Class & Consuming Systems objects..... :(

But the hurdle is: How to model the Consuming system and the attributes that is used for each relation.

The model must be simple to handle for changes & updates in the feature  8)

Any one  that can give an example how a ModelView SQL-script that selects elements from a specific parent package (GUID) and shows several colums for specific TaggedValues

Please, me and my collegues have not succeded with this task as we are not fluent in SQL

Have been using EA from v 12, and is often working from home with VPN-tunnel.
Have been using 15.2 1554 several week and have got several "Crashes" where I was in beleef that AutoSave was working as before.
But when I was changing back to 15.1 1527 it has been no problem.

Any one out there having same problem??

General Board / What the benefits of RootNodes?
« on: September 24, 2020, 07:53:06 am »
Ouer Repository is based on 4 different RootNoods (I was earlier in beleef that there was a good point to separate stuff in different RootNodes)

Have used Sparx EA for about 5 years, but Im still strugling why we have RootNods..... Any hidden Gem ??

It only gets in the way for the users and me as administrator:
- Long branches as the RootNod needs the Viewpackets before any usefull modeling stuff
- Cant Publish (HTML report) more than a singel RootNod at same time
- Cant Export/Import more than one RootNod at same time
- and some more issues.....

Anyone used new v 15 Dynamic Charts with javaScript and can show how to read any TaggedValues??
I have got some SQL script working with old Charts, but now I have to learn all over again.
The examplesfor dynamic charts are all dummies, no use of data from repository ....

I have used a SQL-script for my Charts based from TaggedValues.
But I have a few TaggedValues based on CheckList type.
With same script I only got 0/o if each checkbox is marked ie 0,0,1,0

How to get each checkbox value with its  Name and Value in SQL-script that is working with Charts

Sql-script för Charts:

SELECT tv.Value AS Series, tv.Property as GroupName
FROM t_objectproperties tv
INNER JOIN t_object o ON o.Object_ID = tv.Object_ID
WHERE tv.Property in ('TaggedValueName')

Or at least some sort functions so users as myself can search for right topics as WebEA :)

So far we have NOT started to use ProCloudServer, so we still need to use standard HTML-publishing to a coporate web-server.
But I whould like to split the HTML-publishing to several parts for simpler & easier updating process. The whole Repository takes  > 3 hours to publish

Earlier I used a static Homepage with links to separeted web-folders, whera I could create a autonomus HTML-report.
But I cant have any cross-links from one folderbranch to another folder structure without going to the Homepage, as each folder-branch is separate HTML-publishing jobb.

Anyone having some tips&trix for easier HTML-publishing for large repositry with Sparx standard tools??

This is the last year (2020) ouer corporate standard clientplatform support old-school 32 bit software.
So I was hoping  that Sparx EA whould be an 64 bit applikation soon, otherwise Its gona need the extra internaly support cost for 32 bit support for the non-standard client plattform

We where using EA in the begining of a large RfP. We had a practical Metamodel of requirements of where they come from (stakeholders, org, systems etc) and and what function the bussiness need was. etc... ;D

There where a lot of bulding relations from highlevel requirement to lower level and so on. 8)

When the lawyer came in, the wording, sentence of each requirement was changing every day for 2 month....  :-\
The hirarki structure was lost with every new excel report that was taken from EA, as thay (the black suit people - Lawyers) only could understand spreedsheet data.  ::)
We tried to import those changed excel but didnt get that to work in a useful manner whitin the timeframe and changing rate.

So after those 2-3 month, all work in Sparx EA was crap and was useless and my brain was at least 1/4 kg loss of brain cells  :P

Im just wondering if anyone have any GOOD story of using Sparx EA for large Requirement work (> 1000 requirments)

Hmm Seems that there are a bug when selecting diagram type, all types with child diagram have them duplicated in all modelltypes, UML, Archimate BPMN etc

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