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On RoadMap diagrams, Seams old-fashion to drag element & segment to right time-line, instead of have EA to automaticle draw the diagram based on elements own data, as Gant charts.
Anyone out there have some example scripts that maybe done that??

We have used "User/Group Lock" for a while now, with about 30 users in 5 different groups.
Here I use Group Lock for each groups Root node, so only that groups users can edit.

But Im not sure how to secure the common part (Master & reference object) of the repository, mostly for error or mistakes by novice users

Is was wondering if "Lock to Edit" would give me any more advantage as everything is locked by default,  but then I dont have the Groups as granularity as I understand the different between those security policy's.

General Board / How to stop all this Spam & BOT created messages
« on: November 04, 2018, 06:56:02 am »
Maybe some Captcha or other non-machine authorisation technics?
How are those user registrated as members??

We have both SharePoint Wiki and Media Wiki as information portals.
Anyone seen how the "Publish to Joomla article" is done?
So I can modify it to suite ouer needs for other Wikis..

General Board / How can we see all reltions created in a modell
« on: October 04, 2018, 08:04:19 pm »
Where can I see all relations created in seleced package?
When generating Document I get all relations nice & pretty.

But a whould like to se them i ProjectProwser as List-View or similar...

Any one know how??

General Board / What is best-way to model System2System integration
« on: October 04, 2018, 07:59:26 pm »
We have created some sort of Integration catalouge for all ouer integrations (nearly 1000) but thats only <30% of alla systems...
But we are struggling how to represent each integration in technical views and in the catalouge.

1 We have a Sematic Interoperability that we model as Business-Object ie Patient-Data
2 We have a technical interoperability where we use Interface-object ie Web-service on Source & Target systems
3 One chain of Integration-flow can be several technical integrations ie System1 --Integration1--> ESB-1 --Integration2--> ESB2 --Integration3--> System2

But what are best-practice with Archimate for this??  or what other methods is used?

We have a MS-SQL based repository, when adding a new element to a diagram with Archimate it take about < 1sek
But when adding a BPMN element (Action) it take about >3,5 sek

Using Win 7 64bit client,

Is this a normal behavior from complex MDG:s or is there any params that can be tuned at client side??
I have looked for any MS-SQL tuning params, but no examples is found in this forums or at Sparx documents :(

General Board / Performance problem or what?
« on: August 17, 2018, 09:14:59 pm »
We have about 25 users of Sparx EA 13.52 with MS-SQL repository and Windows 7 workstations.
Some users within the company have a separate Active Directory then the rest of the users for Windows Domain logon.

Within same network, users from the secondary AD have much slower responses for EA actions.
Primary users have <1 sek response when moving an object in a diagram.
Secoondare user (Separate AD) have about 5 sek delay for same action (Same, network, object, diagram and repository)

We are using EA Security with SQL user & Pw (No sync or connection to Active Directory fr EA autentication)

Any one out there having seen this before??

General Board / Is EA v 14 ready for Enterprise use?
« on: August 14, 2018, 06:10:27 am »
We are about 25 architects using EA 13.52 (MS-sql) for UML, Archimate, BPMN as primarary modeling tool.
As i read the forums there are a lot of differences and strange problems (Bugs) with EA 14.xx compare to 13.5x.

Any one out there that did the transition to EA 14.x and can recommend this journey to hell or heaven??

As a non-programmer I have possible made some "sink-holes" for my self.
I have created Tagged-Values names with space, hyphen that I have trouble with in SQL-scripts.
Are there any other characters I should avoid? Underscore, National char as etc etc

 Im used to build capability & functional maps by placing child elements on top of parent element. and I dont get any automatic relationship.....
But of some reason when I move the parent element the children elements does not follow, I have to do a selection of all elements....
I think this was working earlier, but maybe my mind is fooling me.

Using EA 13.52. and Archimate 3.0

I going crazy, Im trying to create some simple charts from a package of requirements and a specific tagged-value: ie. 'TAG-Area'
The example from Sparx is not helping.... As this does not show how to use tagged-values in SQL-script??

Select t_object.Status AS Series, t_object.Author AS GroupName from t_object

We are using a maybe to complex Project browser hirarki for ouer project requirements.
Is it possible to have a script that uppdates a Tagged-Value with Elements location in Project-browser??
As we are multiple requirement analyst, so some human errors will certinly occur with placement in right package.

In that way I could be sure that every requirement have all relevant data for analys & reports

Anyone know if its possible to have a trace back as a link to a PDF or Doc file to a specific sentence?
If I want to scan a doc/pdf for requirements, i would like have some reference to the place inside the document (Doc/pdf) for trace back etc.

Is it possible in any way with EA??
Only thing I know today is a ref:link to external doc, but if large doc could be >100 requirements from same doc

I dont see how to use Virtual document when creating HTML reports??
Same with Report packages, cant select HTML templates
Maybe not supported or....

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