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Suggestions and Requests / Support custom color is StandardChar
« on: September 12, 2016, 07:20:04 pm »
Please, add support custom color to 2D Bar in StandardChart!
The custom color usage help use the same colors in the legend and in the chart.

I usually create StandardCharts in diagrams to show completness of elements in diagrams.
Currently I need manually modify my SQL template in every diagram to replace diagram guid, to get their context.

select /*2016.09.07:11.08*/ decode(op.status,
                       null) "Series",
       nvl(op.problem, 'NotSet') "GroupName",,
  from ea.t_diagram d, ea.t_object o, ea.t_diagramobjects do
  left outer join ea.t_objectproblems op
    on do.object_id = op.object_id
 where d.ea_guid = '#DiagramGUID#'
   and do.diagram_id = d.diagram_id
   and (op.problem in ('CustomProblem') or op.object_id is null)
   and o.object_id = do.object_id
   and (o.object_type not in ('Note', 'Boundary', 'Text') and
       not (o.object_type = 'Class' and o.stereotype = 'Chart'))

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