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Bugs and Issues / Missing "Connect to Server" option in "Open Project"
« on: September 12, 2016, 10:20:40 pm »

We have installed EA 11 on a machine with account "First" (as administrator). With this account we have defined a System DSN for a MySQL database. When EA is opened with the account that installed the tool (account "First"), we have an option "Connect to Server" in the "Open Project" dialogue box.

When we log in with a different account, account "Second", on the same server, we can see the System DSN (through "Tools"->"ODBC Data Sources", but the option "Connect to Server" is lacking from the "Open Dialog" box.

What do we have to do to enable the "Connect to Server" feature for the "Second" account?

Kind regards,
Jeroen Kouwer

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