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General Board / Workflow script - Basic user approval
« on: December 09, 2016, 10:08:47 pm »
I have a problem with implementing just a simple user approval system in EA.
So what we want is; usergroup A can change the status of a package in the model from proposed to approved.
Other usergroups can not do this change..

My idea was that workflowscripts is the best way to solve this, and I have tried to write a script for this.

public function AllowStatusUpdate( OldValue, NewValue )

   dim currentUser, currentItem
   set currentUser = WorkflowUser
   set currentItem = WorkflowContext
   If OldValue = "proposed" and WorkflowUser.IsMemberOf("GroupA") and NewValue = "approved" and WorkflowContext.Metatype = "Package"
      AllowStatusUpdate = true
      AllowStatusUpdate = false
   end if
end function

However, this is not doing anything. Does anybody have experience with this? And what am I doing wrong?

General Board / Linking attributes and OWL problems
« on: September 20, 2016, 11:06:37 pm »
Hi Guys,

We are investigating the possibility of using EA in our work enviroment. We have a data model for producing schemas.
It is critical for us to make associations at attribute level. How can we link in EA on attribute level?

Also we are using OWL for storing and maintaining a business glossary of terms (we imported some RDF files). Does someone know you to generate an UML model out of OWL?
And how do we link atributes in OWL?

Hope someone can help us!

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