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General Board / Scope of specification manager
« on: October 08, 2016, 04:04:38 am »
Hi everybody,

I just started with EA and I have bumped into the following problem:
I added a custom tagged value to my requirements. Now I am looking for a convenient way to display all of my requirements together with
1) their status  and
2) my custom tagged value.
The specification manager basically provides what I need, however, I can not see all of my requirements simultaneously. Instead, I can only see the requirements of one package.

I've been googling for some time now to solve this problem, but could not come up with a solution. Is there a way to either configure the specification manager in such a way that it displays all the packages at the same time. Or is there any other window / view etc. that provides what I need?

It should be a table or similar output that looks like this:
requirement name  |  requirement status  | requirement custom tagged value
REQ001                |  Proposed               | foo
REQ002                |  Approved               | bar
REQ003                |  Proposed               | foo

Thanks in advance and have a nice weekend!

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