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General Board / ERD Composite diagrams
« on: December 06, 2016, 08:32:03 am »

Im a new EA user, im using EA 13, running it in windows10 under parallels on a MacBook Pro.

I Did some diagramming in Archimate, created composite diagrams to "drill down" into lower levels of the diagrams. Off course, the little "fish" (there must be a beter name for it?) symbol appears on the higher level diagram to indicate a composite diagram being underneath. So far so good.

Now I'm attempting the same on an ERD diagram. All seems to work, except I do not get to see the "fish" symbol  on the higher level diagram as with the Archimate diagrams. So now its not sure when theere is an underlying structure or not.

What am I doing wrong?

Hope you guys can help me out here.

Thanks in advance!



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