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I read system requirements for Sparx Systems Keystore Service and it seams it can be installed only on windows OS.

I just wanted to doublecheck if there is really no solution for Linux?

Best regards.

General Board / Can't connect to Sparx Keystore Server
« on: December 08, 2016, 03:55:01 am »

In my institution we have 3 floating licenses for Enterprise Architect. I have installed sparx keystore service and set the sparx systms key store on one computer in our VPN (it has an IP address I have also installed the Enterprise Architect on that computer and everything works great. For this computer I have set the keystore server address to: ssks://localhost.

But the problem is that I can't connect from other computers which are inside this VPN. In case of other computers I'm entering in Licence Management the server address as: ssks:// After hitting the test button I receive a message "Could not connect to the sparx systems keystore service at ssks://   Error: Could not connect to the sparx systems keystore service at".

Do you have any suggestions what could be the reason for this? Is it even possible to connect like this?

First computer with installed keystore service is win10 and has fixed IP address inside VPN...

Thanks in advance!
Best regards.

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