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General Board / Is EA 16 noticeably faster than previous versions?
« on: April 27, 2022, 03:28:43 pm »
I'm using v 1310 and my *.feap (Firebird) model is about 1GB.  The PC is Win10 Intel i7 16GB RAM,  500M SSD.
It takes me about 15 hours to import total 500K elements (classes, attributes) into my model using Geert's importer.
It takes about 20 seconds to delete a single element from the project explorer.
It's possible that EA is slowed down by some antivirus thingy from my work PC, but I don't think so.

One hope of V16 is that using the lighter footprint SQLite (and maybe Sparx can find a way of letting us use SQLite 'memory' mode, with database loaded fully in RAM?) , I can reduce these times significantly.  Can anyone comment on performance improvement with *.QEA files compared to *.eap or *.feap?

On EA 1310 I cannot reverse engineer PostgeSQL, I remember seeing posts that explained that there was a bug in EA.
Is anyone evaluating v 16 able to confirm if PostgreSQL reverse engineering works on this version?  Thanks!!!

Bugs and Issues / Strange bug in diagram legend EA v. 1310
« on: January 10, 2022, 09:18:53 pm »
I am using v13 (eagerly awaiting to update to v16) and I have strange behaviour on diagram legends.  I'd like to know if anyone knows a workaround?
In sequence diagrams I need to color code messages to highlight some business semantics.  I use legend-connectors-filter-tagged values with preset codes in a custom tagged value to determine the message color.
Every time I close the diagram and reopen it, the color coding disappears and I have to reopen the legend dialog to set again the tagged value that determines color.  The legend still shows 'apply auto color', 'apply line' etc. but the filter is not pointing to the custom tagged value any more.  Does anyone have a workaround?  Thanks!!

I have a model query that lists all messages in a sequence diagram and their message number.
The diagram has new message groups, so the message numbers are: 1.0 1.1 1.2 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 3.0  etc etc

I query t_connector.SeqNo and the result is: 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 1.7 1.8 etc

New message groups are ignored.  Everything else is OK.  Any idea where I can get the message numbers the way they are displayed in the diagram?  EA 13.10  Thanks!!!

I held off upgrading from my version 1310 because I wanted to avoid the trap of "where did my menu go?" and did not see much benefit overall.  But I'm very eager to upgrade to EA 16 with SQLite repository.

However I just found out that my 1310 has a bug for "Import schema from ODBC" for PostgreSQL (I'm reverse engineering from v. 12.02).  The trace log shows ERROR(ERROR) 42702 'column reference "oid" is ambiguous' at this stage: 

Code: [Select]
[53.579]PQsendQuery: 09C69420 'BEGIN;declare "SQL_CUR09FBCC88" cursor with hold for SELECT
    n.nspname                                       AS ObjectSchema,    --1
    c.relname                                       AS ObjectName,      --2
WHEN c.relkind = 'r' THEN 'TABLE'
        WHEN c.relkind = 'v' THEN 'VIEW'
        WHEN c.relkind = 'S' THEN 'SEQUENCE'
    END                                             AS ObjectType,     --3
    COALESCE(OBJ_DESCRIPTION(c.oid),'')             AS Remarks,     --4
    COALESCE('TABLESPACE=' || t.spcname || ';','')  AS Properties     --5
    (SELECT *, oid
    FROM pg_class
    WHERE relkind IN ('r','v')
    ) c   
    (SELECT *, oid
    FROM    pg_namespace
    WHERE nspname IN ('schema_names') --WHERE   nspname NOT IN ('other_schema_names')
    ) n
    ON  c.relnamespace = n.oid
    pg_tablespace t
    c.reltablespace = t.oid
Order By n.nspname, c.relkind, c.relname;fetch 100 in "SQL_CUR09FBCC88"'
[53.822] ok: - 'C' - BEGIN
[53.822] ERROR(ERROR) 42702 'column reference "oid" is ambiguous'
[53.823]PQsendQuery: 09C69420 'ROLLBACK'

I don't have access to EA16 since my registration expired: can anyone confirm if EA16 has no issues reverse engineering from PostgreSQL?  Thanks!!!!

I'm working on extending a data model and I realized that if I drag a class attribute from a class already in the diagram or from any class in the project explorer to another class in the diagram, I'm creating a new copy of the attribute.  Which is very convenient for me so I can reuse the attribute names and datatypes.  And faster than copying/pasting in the project explorer. 

I'd like to check if this causes any risk at all for model integrity?  I don't think this is normal way to use EA but hey if it works...  Thanks for advice!

My database has MFA authentication and seems like the EA default SQL Server drivers don't support it.  Does anyone know if suitable driver can be obtained and how to install for EA reverse engineering?  Cheers!

I downloaded Belleken's excellent EA Mapping extension and I can easily map attributes of one table into another (it is for a data ETL exercise).  I can export the mappings to Excel.

But I can't see the mappings in my data model diagrams (either ERD or class diagrams), for example as shown in EA user manual here:

I tried googling around and setting all kind of settings in the diagram menu, and changing the stereotype of the elements from <<table>> to <<class>> but I cannot see the mappings in the diagram.  I have EA version 13.10.  I can see the mappings in the diagram if I create them manually by right clicking in the association.  Any suggestions on how to show the mappings in the diagram when created via the Mapping add-in?  Thanks!

[Edit] In the EA Mapping Settings, Link Type and Mapping Logic Element Type are grayed out...  So now it only created tagged values for the mapping and the Mapping Logic Type is only Activity.. I was able to change the defaults to Link to element feature and In-line by editing the EAMapping.dll file, but still only the the tagged value to show the mapping, nothing in diagram... Geert do you know how to display the mapping in the diagrams?  Thanks!

So I got to connect with my Oracle dinosaur and the reverse engineer wizard lists the schemas directly, but when I click on 'Import schema' it hangs... I suspect it EA cannot read from the system views it needs to diwnload the DDL.

Can Sparxians share info on what user privilege is needed to reverse engineer, so I can complete the reverse engineer... thanks!

I've been reading up this forum and googling on how to reverse engineer Oracle 9i with my EA version 13.10 professional (I don't have the data modeler extension), but I'm confused.

1. Does the recommendation to NOT use the Microsoft OBDC driver apply to reverse engineering?  Or does it apply just to using Oracle as model repository
2. If I need to install the Oracle OLE driver, do I need to install the instant client as well (400MB - hugh)?  I won't need SQLPLUS client etc. - only reverse engineering (query the dba views).  Or can I just unzip the driver and install that?  Can I get away by just installing sqora32.dll in my Windows directory?
3. Any detailed instructions out there for successful OBDC or OLE connection for the purpose of reverse engineering 9i?

Many thanks

EA 13.1 I see both listed as association types between use case and actors.  It's impacting my relationship matrices as I can filter the matrix by one or the other but not both.  Does anyone know what is the difference between the two connector types in EA?  Use case association does not even appear in the toolbox (unless it's the "Use" relationship... but I thought that that is the old UML 1.1 "Uses" association?   Any easy way to convert use case association into regular association?  Thanks!

My *feap file is 800MB and model updates or searches on my adequately powerful Windows 10 professional PC with SSD drive take several seconds.
I googled around and realized the Firebird configuration file firebird.conf which is in the EA directory can be tweaked.
The file itself has lots of comments and explanations which is nice:  does anyone have experience with what tweaks are best?  Thanks!

I reverse engineered a database and I'm writing the DML code to extract a data dictionary by querying the packages containing the tables, views etc.

I got everything working but I can't find what is the model database table/column for a table's Foreign Key.  PK and most everything else I got from qwerty's excellent "Inside EA" book, but naturally it does not cover Sparx MDGs so the Data Model profile is not covered.

t_connector has start/end object ID and FK as STEREOTYPE.  But I cannot map it into a specific column on the child table.

Any ideas?  Thanks!

General Board / No keybiard shortcut for perspectives?
« on: October 25, 2020, 02:07:44 pm »
Recently I need to change perspectives quite oftwn and cannot find a shortcut in the user manual.  It's quite tiring to go the 5-6 clicks on the ribbon every time.  Does anyone know a way to switch perspectives quickly?  Thanks!

I'd be curious to know if clicking on a package in project explorer then Contents - Reset Sort Order only changes the way the package contents are displayed or if it changes the order in the model database.  Any idea?  Thanks

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