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Dear all,

We have all our functional documentation in EA 13.5 including our use case scenario's.
Our current documentation generator works sufficient but not the way we truely want it to work.
There are 2 seperate problems I would like to fix.
See the code box below for what we've currently got, copied from the EA template.

Problem 1: "uses" and "results" only when present
With the current structure every step in the scenario has a line with "uses" and "results" but not every step has a "use" or a "result" defined.
The problem is that even though there isn't a "use" or "result" defined, the prefix/label is still shown.
Is there a way to only show the prefix/label when there is a "use" or "result" defined for that step?

Problem 2: No return visible from Exception scenario to Basic scenario.
It's possible to specify where an alternate/exception scenario returns to the basic scenario.
The activity diagram shows this nicely, but not the documentation.

I'm looking for an element in the Package>Element>Scenario>Structured Scenario>Exception called "returning to" or something like that.
The desired outcome look similar to this:

Basic scenario: Going outside
1) detect that it's not raining
          Alternate scenario: It's raining
2) open door
3) get out of the house

Alternate scenario: It's raining
1) Grab umbrella
Return to basic scenario step 2

Is there a way to display the italic line?

Thank you!

Current code:
Code: [Select]
package >
element >
scenario >

{ElemScenario.Type}: {ElemScenario.Scenario}
structured scenarios >
{Scenario_Structured.Step} - {Scenario_Structured.Action}
Uses: {Scenario_Structured.Uses}
Results: {Scenario_Structured.Result}
exception >
{Exception.Type}: {Exception.Step} - {Exception.Name}
< exception
< structured scenarios
< scenario
< element
< package

Dear all,

We have all our functional documentation listed in EA 13.5.
Our goal is to have this exported weekly to a sharepoint which is open to our customers.
We have set up a server specifically for this job.
Once logged onto this server we can run the entire export automated without any problem using a custom build program called EADumpConsole.

The problem we're having is in remote starting this job.
TFS 2017 shows no signs of any errors on the surface.
Once we look into the logging we see the error as listed below.

Can someone help us with figuring out where our problem lies?

Thank you,

Code: [Select]
2017-12-08T15:13:02.7717911Z Start : D:\Software\EADumpConsole\EADumpConsole.exe
2017-12-08T15:13:02.7717911Z last_exit_code: 0
2017-12-08T15:13:02.7717911Z D:\Software\EADumpConsole\EADumpConsole.exe : ended
2017-12-08T15:13:02.7717911Z Repository: 0: DBType=3;Connect=Provider=MSDASQL.1;Password=****;Persist Security Info=True;User ID=ea_owner;Data Source=EA_REPO;LazyLoad=1;
2017-12-08T15:13:02.7717911Z Package:    1: 0BAAFD24-05D1-4645-85B9-E05920BB3FF5
2017-12-08T15:13:02.7717911Z Output:     2: \\dev.wgwa.local\\dfs\\9446\\DATA\\TFS\\tfs_use_case\\html\\Edison
2017-12-08T15:13:02.7717911Z System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x800706BE): The remote procedure call failed. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800706BE)
2017-12-08T15:13:02.7717911Z    at EA.IDualRepository.OpenFile(String FilePath)
2017-12-08T15:13:02.7717911Z    at EADumpConsole.Program.RunHtmlBuilder(Object obj)
2017-12-08T15:13:02.7874137Z Deployment status for machine 'o9446earapp001.wgwa.local:5985' : 'Passed'

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