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The Tools->Options page seems to have a very 'undocumented' way of working!

The Code Generation page allows you to set 'synchronise' or 'overwrite'. The problem is that this setting is:
- on a per model basis so if you've got a large team using an RDMS then it's that option for all
- seems to be read only once on application startup so a change in the setting in the multi-user environment will not affect everyone. Also, if a user loads up the dialog with the 'old' setting then closes the dialog with close, it'll overwrite the 'new' setting that was set by someone else. Can't be 110% on this but I'm fairly certain that's what I saw!

So, best option would be to control this flag on a per user setting. Any thoughts?

General Board / Attribute sorting - problem introduced in V6?
« on: December 08, 2005, 04:28:33 pm »
I've recently upgraded to V6 and I've noticed an issue that may need looking into...

Got an element of stereotype enumeration with a set of attributes. It's normal practise (for our company) to create an initial item with value 0. This would typically be assigned the name 'Unknown' or 'None' and have the initial value set to 0.

What I've noticed is that with V6, attributes are listed alphabetically. Thus when code generated I get an out of sequence enum.

Instead of this:

None = 0,

I would get:

None = 0,

I couldn't see an option to prevent this but I may well have missed it! Anyone confirm this or provide a workaround?

Thanks in advance!

General Board / Show element parents - not always working?
« on: October 11, 2005, 02:56:05 am »
Arggh - forgot to fill out subject then back produced a blank form :( :(

Could someone please enlighten me on how/why EA decides to *NOT* show inherited elements.

This is the help text from 'Set Parent' (although the dialog is now captioned Type Hierarchy):
Note: Parents that do not have their corresponding related element in the same diagram will display their parentage in the top right corner of the child element, as shown below:

If I reverse engineer a class (C#) that inherits one class and one interface, the diagram shows the class with both parents in the top corners.

If I create a class with the exact same inherited elements, I only see the class.

The difference seems to be that the Type Details (as show in the Type Hierarchy dialog) are not the same. The one that shows has Owned: No and Package <none> where as the class I created has Owned: Yes, Package: 'blah' (I'm assuming this is because I chose the interface from the list of existing model elements). The interface is defined in another package and so going by the help text it should show up (I have the Show Additional Parents option enabled in the diagram).

It's not a huge issue but it would be nice if it worked like the help suggests it does. Perhaps I've not done something correctly?

General Board / Vote for EA !
« on: October 05, 2003, 09:09:20 am »
Hop over and vote for you choice of .NET related items, which (unsurprising given my post here!) includes EA

General Board / EA 360 - Tabbed MDI?
« on: September 01, 2003, 03:11:10 am »
I was really hoping that Tabbed MDI would have made it into V360. Have I missed an option (don't think so foing by the help text), are you unable/willing to offer this as a feature?

That aside, a stunning job on tidying up the GUI. It'll take a short while to get used to where things are now placed BUT they are much more logical now! Good work!

General Board / Showing/using inherited operations (C++)
« on: August 08, 2002, 03:46:13 am »
Draw interface IBase, add a couple of operations.
Draw class CBase and draw a realisation link back to IBase.
Visually, the CBase class does not then show the inherited methods. Is this possible ???

Additionally, code generation for IBase: the header doesn't include any of the operations - FIXED by latest version!
Further to that, if I derive another class (CDerived) from CBase, no methods are created when code generating for CDerived. CBase has the two interface methods as virtual so I'd have expected CDerived to follow suit.

I think what's needed is something like:
In the operations list, all methods from the inhertance tree should be shown (optional if you want by class/diagram setting) which list the operations inherited by the class from the specified base 'classes'. A checkbox next to each can be used to say that implementation of the method is provided within the scope of the class being implemented. Additionally, a change to the operation type (virtual to concrete) should also be possible? The diagram should also show those methods implemented in the diagram operations list.

Does this sound reasonable or have I missed something fundamental and EA already does what I need ???

I've uploaded a copy of the EA project in case the above is not clear!

Edit: The EA project to download is here
Edit2: Grabbed latest build as 498 had broken Abstract/Pure checkboxes and fixed another of my problems.

Thanks in advance, Adam

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