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Hello,  I'm sorry that I have to post again....

One of my colleagues asked me to figure out how he can get his old EA 12.1 Qucklinker-Menue back. From his point of view this was the best since the invention of sliced bread  ;D 
A Forum-search delivered a bunch of related posts.
Am I right when I tell him that currently the only way to get something similar (and perhaps more personalized) is to follow this description ==> or is there anything else available?

Many thanks

Hello and a good day, one of our projects is struggling with the usage and cleanup of stereotypes. They are suffering from wrongly added stereotypes from older EA-versions.
I understood from these two threads

that this can be handled in a better way with EA 15.1.

Nevertheless the maintenance raises still some questions.
The UML-type-maintenance dialog is fine and the deletion of stereotypes works, but I miss the possibility to check and/or to reset/ disassociate unwanted stereotypes that are marked as "to be deleted".
As also watched here
-,42824.msg254135.html#msg254135 (last post)
the stereotype is deleted and can not be assigned again to other objects but the value is still assigned to the objects which have used the stereotype so far. This deleted stereotype will not be replaced by a new associated one... the new one will just be added too.
Knowing that behaviour I can run a simple model-search, sort the list by stereotypes and disassociate the stereotypes-"to be deleted" one after each other before I delete it... so far so good...

Wouldn't it be good feature to integrate such a (optional) "reset" in the delete-function or is that  possible and I'm not aware of this possibility?

Is there a way to identify "orphan"-stereotypes and to remove them from the object-properties?

Thanks a lot

we have upgraded from EA12.1 to EA15.1 (v1526) last weekend.
A couple od models are organized inSQLServer-repositories. The model-admins decided to use the usersecurity feature too.
This morning a couple of modelers reported that they can't find the "Lock"-functionality anymore. First we thought that this was a bit of irritation because of the heavy change in the user-interface between EA 12.1 and EA15.1.
When we digged a bit deeper we found that the users have lost their right to use the lock function.
We granted this for some modelers again and they are back to work... Since we have defined to derive the user-rights from group-rights we are unsure whether EA15.1 is not able to interpret the EA12.1 rules or something else...
Is anybody out there who came across a similar problem?
This issue has also been reported to Sparx.

Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / EA SafeDelete - Experiences?
« on: August 13, 2019, 07:19:24 pm »

we found "EA SafeDelete" in the third Party Extension-list on the Sparx-website.  The description sounds encouraging so that we asked for a Trial Version.
Unfortunately we had some Installation Problems so that not the Right People could test the Trial Version....

… is there anybody out there who has made some experiences with EA SafeDelete?
Is it worth keeping the ball rolling?

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