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Trying to create a matrix mapping database view columns to database table columns.
How does the EA repository represent a view column?  What is the join condition for navigating from the view column to the parent view object? 

I see that I have created connectors from table columns to XSDElements, but I'm stuck trying to connect table columns to view columns.

Thank you,

I retrieve object properties like column length, etc., and especially Notes from SQL Server repository for a user walkthrough. The Notes contain the definitions obtained from the users.  But I get things like this "<font color="#424242">The medication given to the patient</font>."
How can I set/reset all fonts (typeface, size, color, etc.) for all objects in the entire model? It's a bit tedious to manually change these for every "offending" piece of text in the thousands of columns in the model!

I feel like I've tried all of the options in the EA UI.

Thank you in advance,

General Board / EA - SQL to show hierarchy of packages?
« on: April 06, 2024, 02:29:11 am »
Hi -  Can someone share a SQL (SQL Server) query to show the hierarchy of packages in a "project"?  A query to run against the Sparx repository.
Thank you,

We have been using Sparx EA for a few years - ver 15.1 currently.  Some users have EA installed on their local workstations.  Other users run EA that is installed on a shared Citrix machine.
I am having a problem where a project model created on a Citrix box and using the EA-JSON add-in cannot be opened on a non-Citrix user's workstation running EA.
Trying to import an MDG technology (resource), I do not have a folder/URL containing the xml for EA-JSON.  I believe our access to the registered users' section of your site has expired.
Thank you,

General Board / Where to find NOTES for an object in the repository?
« on: September 15, 2021, 05:08:58 am »
Not in t_object?

Also, Can we find documentation of the usage of PDATA1..PDATA5columns of t_object?

Thank you,

An invalid character was found in text content.

How do I attach a screenshot?

General Board / How to convert class objects into attribute objects?
« on: September 21, 2020, 09:44:20 pm »
I have a package with many DataElement objects.  I captured them during requirements gathering.  I believe that this is a stereotype of Class.  Now I would like to treat these objects as Attributes, e.g. columns in tables.
How can I convert these objects from “class instances” to “attribute instances” which could be moved into other classes like entities or tables?

I did a lot of csv imports to establish values of important tags on the DataElements.  I would not like to lose this work.
Alternatively, can I copy the tagged values of class objects like DataElements over to become tagged values of Attributes like database columns?
Thank you,

Can Diagram Links as navigation cells refer to target diagrams in different projects than the host diagram?
Thank you.

General Board / Using EA for an Enterprise Repository
« on: May 08, 2020, 03:33:31 pm »
Greetings!  I am the Data Architect for Baltimore County, Maryland, USA.  In launching a Data Architecture program, I first surveyed the market for a tool to use as a metadata repository.
We purchased licenses for Sparx EA Unified Edition.

I have a number of questions as I learn the tool..  and how to apply it in various situations.  I am running on several tracks at the same time...  which actually causes me to explore different EA perspectives, element types, etc.

I have created a number of projects and models, both locally and in an EA repository in Oracle.

My first question:  What is the recommended approach for managing enterprise models and project-specific (not necessarily EA projects) models?  Do you establish one central repository of all models, both an enterprise (i.e., integrated/concolidated) model of each type and the set of project models in progress, and then perform integration merges from project models into the enterprise models - all within the central repository?

  (From the EA documentation, it seems that "project" and "model" are used interchangeably.  I think I can see that multiple models can be contained within a single project. This would be the case with the implementation I describe above.  Is there a size issue or other issue with this implementation?)

I have not been able to get up to speed on model management and version control yet.  :-\

Any comments or helpful links would be appreciated.

Thank you,

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