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Uml Process / Generate report with diagrams and notes
« on: February 21, 2022, 11:48:08 am »
Hello, EA experts,

I have been trying to generate a report from EA that includes only diagrams and the notes. In the "Generate Documentation" dialogue box, thee's a tab "Suppress sections". I guess I need to check mark every thing except "diagram" and "notes". I don't see "notes", though.

I would appreciate your guidance on this.

Thank you!

Hello, EA experts,

I am trying to create an Amazon AWS model from a pattern but for some reason, after I create the model, the elements does not show.
Few things I tried:
- Restarted the device
- Created the pattern with a new file (to eliminate the the file might be corrupt)
- Used a different machine that has EA
- Tried using a different pattern

Please see the screenshots:


General Board / Custom search returns no results
« on: January 23, 2022, 09:06:20 am »
Hello EA experts,

I followed exactly the instructions in this video to create custom search

but for some reason, I get no results. What could have gone wrong from my end?

I would appreciate your insights

General Board / EA compatibility with Win 11
« on: January 09, 2022, 12:27:10 pm »
I use EA on a Windows VM run on Parallels Desktop for Mac. To run Windows on the new Mac devices with Apple M1 chip (replacing the Intel chip) through Parallels desktop, you will need an ARM64-build Windows OS.

The only ARM64 build officially available for download is Windows 11 22000.132.

To get unofficial Windows 10 ARM64 you have to go through a very long process with many steps to get Windows 10 ARM64 Dev build installed on a Mac with M1 chip. It took me several hours to do this on the new Mac mini M1.

Do you know when EA will be available for Win 11?


PCS General Board / Unable to add a repository to Prolaborate
« on: October 20, 2021, 03:50:43 pm »

I am new to Prolaborate and I am trying to use for my research project. 

I have been trying to add a repository to Prolaborate but I am facing some issues. I tried to search in the documentation but I could not find a clear instructions to follow.
Just a quick note on my use case: I am trying to integrate Jira and Sparx EA and I will be the only user.
On the repository page, I used the info from Pro Cloud Server and added them to the Pro Cloud Server Information section in Prolaborate.

But the connection failed.

I did some search and realized that I need to connect Sparx EA to Pro Cloud Server. I tried to follow the steps in the Youtube video below:

But I got an error message

When I click on the ellipsis to the right of the File name, I see this

Below are other screenshots from the Pro Cloud Server configuration:

Also, on Sparx EA start page, how should I configure Cloud connection or Server connection?

I would really appreciate your help getting the configuration done correctly.

Uml Process / Reverse direction of UML activity diagram to top-down
« on: September 17, 2021, 08:01:19 am »
Hello EA experts,

I created an activity diagram. I tried to organize the layout so I hit Diagram Layout > Apply default layout.

EA changed the direction of the diagram to bottom-up ("Final" node is at the top and "Initial" node is at the bottom).

I could not find a way to organize to reverse the layout to top-down ("Initial" node is at the top and "Final" node is at the bottom).

I tried to search in the user guide and the forum but I could not find anything.

There's not such feature in EA?

Thank you,

General Board / Is displaying a Diagram Frame a missing feature?
« on: July 12, 2021, 07:35:27 am »
Hello, EA experts,

I am trying to add a frame around an existing diagram (not a boundary). I mean a frame with the pentagon label in the top left.

In the user guide, the "Diagram Options" explains how to show the frame on the saved or printed diagrams.

I also understand that "Diagram Frame" is a special kind of Combined Fragment that provides a picture (or just the name) and - more importantly - a hyperlink to another diagram.

This is not what  am looking for either. My question is how to show the frame (with a top left label) when I have the original diagram open (without printed and without dragged to another diagram).

Thank you!

Hello, EA experts,

I am new to the Specifications Manager and I need your help, please.

I added requirements to the Specifications Manager but for some reason, I could not find them when I closed and reopened the model. However, I see them in the Project Browser (Please see the annotated screenshot). Now, I am trying to drag and drop the requirements from the Project Browser to the Specifications Manager but the operation is not allowed.

What should I do add the requirements from the Project Browser to the Specifications Manager?

Hello, EA experts,

This question is for the EA experts with experience in DMN.

This page in the EA user guide explains the decision table hit policy.

At the end of the page, it provides an example of Collection-Sum hit policy.

How can I edit the sample model to modify the decision to be the "average" of partial scores, rather than the "sum" or partial scores?

Hello, EA experts,

Is there a way to filter objects with certain attribute value? For example (in the screenshots), can I filter to show only the objects where the attribute SWOT = Strength?

If it it's not possible to be done using filter, is there any other way?

Thank you,

Hello, EA experts,

I have a PostegresSQL database schema of about 30 tables that I will import as a database model in EA (I have not done this before but I will try to figure it out). I would like to reverse engineer this to derive a UML Class Model which could then be edited and then forward-engineered back to the database.

My question is: will EA create objects/instances of the records in the tables? If that won't happen by default, how can I make EA create these objects/instsnaces?

The number of instances in each table is relatively small and can fit nicely in an object diagram.

Below is a screenshot from PgAdmin

As always, thank you very much for your valuable input!

Thank you,

Hello, EA Experts,

I imported this Python code

To get these classes on a diagram but without relationships shown

When I transformed the model to DDL, I still do not see relationships

I checked the diagram properties and I confirmed that "Show Relationships" is checked

What should I do to show the relationships?

Thank you,

Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Connect EA to AWS through SSH
« on: January 09, 2021, 09:58:14 am »
Hello, EA Experts,

I was working with a developer from the team on connecting EA to AWS to better collaborate and save time by making updates to the database directly based on the updates I make in the EA model.

We reached a step that we could not pass, and I need your help, please.

We have a server hosted on AWS and PostgreSQL runs locally on the server. Is there a way to SSH to the server using a key rather than a user name and password?

Thank you,

Uml Process / Relationship Matrix: show classes with specific stereotype
« on: January 04, 2021, 06:02:27 pm »
Hello, EA Experts,

Is there a way that I can show the classes (in a package) with a specific stereotype (stereotype ABC) rather than showing all the classes in that package when I drag it and drop it to the Source or Target?

Thank you,

Uml Process / Display all used stereotypes in the project browser
« on: January 04, 2021, 03:42:08 pm »
Hello, EA experts,

Is there a way to display all stereotypes (used in a model) in the project browser?

In Cameo EA, that option was possible and I could drag a stereotype from the project browser to an element to apply that stereotype to the element. Very easy and straight forward.

Is this feature available in EA?

Thank you,

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