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Bugs and Issues / Sorting issue in maintenance
« on: October 13, 2016, 09:06:48 pm »
One of our users has reported an issue with the sorting of our changes. Sometimes a newly added change is not added to the bottom of the list in the Maintenance / Changes screen, but gets on top of the list or is inserted mid way. The 'Sort' function helps only in this screen, re-establishing the correct sorting, but when generating a document the faulty old sorting shows in the document, and when opening the Maintenance / Changes the next time the list is in the faulty sort order yet again.

I've searched the forum and found one earlier post dating back to version 7.5 in 2009: It remained unanswered at the time.

Is there any way to get the sorting right again without having to manually adjust the list in the resulting document?

I've started at a new customer which is quite sceptical about the possibilities of document generation from EA. Having worked with document templates since 2006 I took it upon me to generate a document as close as possible to their Word-templates. I thought I had nailed it, with the document preview after generation looking 98% like the Word version (just some minor known issues like the Activity Diagram being too large and having to be resized). I was quite surprised to find the saved file was nothing like that: suddenly the headings were all indented in stead of aligned to the left, and there were dozens of false page breaks not shown in either the template or the preview. One of the briefs was that manual editing of the document should be as limited as possible. Resizing the diagrams just about fits that, having to manually reset all the headers in the entire document and removing dozens of page breaks clearly does not. In ten years time this is a first for me. Any clues what causes these catastrophic differences between the preview and the document?

General Board / Page Mode
« on: July 04, 2011, 06:16:05 pm »
Call me stupid,

but I just started using 9.0 and I can't seem to be able to edit headers and footers in RTF-templates imported from a package made in 8.0.

I checked the User Guide and found what I needed to do:

In the page "Headers and Footers"
"In Page Mode, select the Edit | Edit Page Header/Footer menu option"

That sounded familiar. However, in the Edit-menu there was no "Edit Page Header/Footer menu option". So I must not be in Page Mode. So I searched for that in the User Guide:

In the page "View Options"
"Turn Page Mode on (the equivalent of Print View in Word) or off (the equivalent of Normal View in Word)."

That sounded familiar too, but unlike in my print preview in Word I cannot find any buttons or menu options to set Page Mode on or off! What does the page "View Options"  refer to? A menu, it seems, but which one? Not the obvious "View"  menu, as the option "Page Mode"  does not show in it.. The odd thing is, the RTF-generator opens in what looks to me like a Page Mode, the same I had in 8.0 (showing one page at the time), when the menu option "Edit Page Header/Footer menu option" never gave me a headache.

I must be having an off-day, but I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong here. Don't tell me something simple as this is not part of the Desktop Edition...

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