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I'm trying to use EA15.2 in our company network. Sometimes it works just fine, but at random intervalls (and specifically: not bound related to any action performed inside the tool, or a certain file/project) it will freeze completely (the image blurrs a bit and gets stretched, so that it covers the windows task bar; when clicking somewhere the "Application has stopped working" dialog pops up etc.) after a minute or two it will unfreeze again. Looking into the windows task manager shows, that EA.exe is in idle state during that time (i.e. not using much CPU/RAM/SSD).

Unfortunately this is a rather severe problem, because the frequency and duration of the freezes result in more time waiting for the tool to unfreeze, than actual working time.

A college, who is facing the same issue, has the theory, that this happens when EA is trying to access the domain server or some directory stored on the central server (i.e. User\AppData\Roaming or Documents) and then has to wait for some ridiculous long timeouts configured by our sysadmins.

Now I have two questions:

A) Is there a way to further debug this? Any analysis I could run or reports I should send you?

B) Is there a way to configure EA to only use files at specific paths? If our theory is correct, that might already be enough to fix our issues.

Kind Regards,

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