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Uml Process / Defining conditional triggers for FSM transistions
« on: August 25, 2015, 07:08:08 pm »
Dear fellow developers,

I am new to EA and intend to define a mostly simple FSM which needs conditional triggers to implement a communication protocol.
For example:
Let "bNewProtocol" be a flag, set by another process:
RESET->START: Name "RESET_START", perform only if (bNewProtocol == (bool)1).

How should this be done, please? :-/
I've tried to define a Signal-Box, which carries an attribute, but then, the signal is triggered always, if a write a value into this attribute (during simulation). :'(

Would be nice to get a hint or example, thank you all!

Most regards,


Update: I have tried to define trigger by "Call" or by "Time", but this has seemed not to taken any effect.  :'(
Thus, only trigger, defined by "Signal" can be seen in the resulting peace of code. But as I have understood, a "Signal-Trigger" can only be managed by simulation?!

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