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Does Enterprise Architect's XML export function export all the contents of the folder where the current content is located, along with the selected content? How can I avoid this and only export the selected file and its referenced content?

How to copy the reference relationship content of copied content from the current Enterprise Architect file to another Enterprise Architect file together

Hi All,

I want to update the Notes for a Diagram, but it doesn't work.  Here is part of my code:

 Dim eaEleDiag As EA.Diagram = m_Repository.GetDiagramByGuid(someDiagramId)
 eaEleDiag.Notes = ‚ÄúSome Notes"

I tried many times, and I couldn't see that the Notes had been changed to new value when debugging, but after program exited, the notes on that diagram didn't change.
Which step did I miss?

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