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General Board / Documentations of database schema (EA repository)
« on: December 21, 2012, 10:45:30 pm »
I was searching for some documentation to EA database schema (t_object, t_diagrams, etc.) but it seems there is no such thing.

Why Sparx didn't publish any? It could be very useful to have such document.

Because of that I have to by trial and error search for result of each my problem regarding DB queries.
Now I want to find a way how is an element "Hyperlink" stored in tables (to make an query base on which a hyperlink element gives me related (linked) element)? I know the hyperlink element itself is stored in t_object table but how I find the associated element (if a column Name doesn't contain $diagram://{GUID})?

Sorry for my English :)

Kind regards,

we need to preview html code from a note of an object element.

I find method (in scripting) Repository.ShowBrowser(String, String) but it isn't working. The documentation doesn't exist at all :(. There is Repository class documentation but no word about ShowBrowser.

Do you have any idea how this method works?


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