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Suggestions and Requests / [BUG in 7.0.817?] RTF-Dokumentation kills EA
« on: October 12, 2007, 01:04:26 am »

I try to develop an RTF-Template for a relative complex EA-Project. We work also with the RaQuest Tool.

Everytime I start the Generation with the USeCase-Package highlighted EA Crashes!  >:(

Has anyone an Idea, how to export the RTF-Template to post it here? ???

Thanks for suggestions in advance


General Board / ORM & buying possibilities in europe
« on: January 27, 2003, 01:56:59 pm »

Just downloaded for testing. I am looking for such a tool to learn UML. I am not a bussiness so it's my pocket money. :)

Is there a way to have a profile to do Object role modeling as discribed in Visio Enterprise architect, way out off my budget. :P Visual Professional was already a killer for my wallet.

Or an alternative to reach the same result.

Wanted to buy but none off your online stores have a direct number to call published any Nr. I could call here in Europe


Bugs and Issues / [BUG] RTF-Reporting Models with 9+ Levels
« on: November 12, 2007, 12:58:22 am »
Hi folks,

we work on a UseCase model which is more than 9 Levels deep and have Requirements (using RaQuest) linked to the UseCases which are also more than 9 Levels deep.

Now to the Problem:
We're trying to generate a complete documentation document which should include all UC with all linked requirements formatted like the treeview in the Project Browser.

This is the testing rtf-Template,
try it on a requirement tree with 5 Levels...
The deepest level is formatted with heading 9 :o

Everytime i'm trying to generate Reports I have the Problem, that the Formatting levels jump more quickly than the levels in the Project Browser do.

Has anyone an Idea or any suggestions? ???

I will try any Idea because of I NEED a solution! Even an only indented Version of my requirements will fit my needs... Please Help!

Thanks in advance for any hint!!!

best regards

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