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General Board / How to know the type of the diagram?
« on: November 01, 2014, 02:30:08 am »
How can we know the type of the selected-diagram if it is :class diagram or usecase diagram or ,...... ?


General Board / UPDATABLE SQL Query
« on: July 23, 2014, 11:45:24 pm »
Is it possible to make updatable query on EA ?
or it is not supported


General Board / generating GUID
« on: July 22, 2014, 09:59:38 pm »
How could I generate GUID when inserting new record in table t_object
is there some functions used to generate a GUID for a component ?


General Board / How could we create Components in EA?
« on: July 18, 2014, 12:28:17 am »
using SQL statement or API functions to create Components in EA,
Where could we find SDK functions and DB-schema for that

General Board / How to remove an End-User Agreement Window
« on: June 17, 2014, 11:03:16 pm »
I have completed my installation packages of my add-in dll,
I am using SharpDevelop for it.

My issue is : how could I remove "End-User Agreement Window"
by using some scripts on SharpDevelop Project or by any other possible way.



General Board / path needed by using Sharpdevelop Software
« on: June 12, 2014, 12:28:32 am »
I am using Sharpdevelop as a setup tools ,
but my question that I need to install  EA-dll that I developed to my files inside an specific path : for example : I would like to install it in : C:\Program Files (x86)\Sparx Systems\EA\MyDLL It is mandatory to install in this path,

I did some configurations in Files.wxs like :
<DirectoryRef Id="TARGETDIR">
    <Directory Id="ProgramFilesFolder" Name="PFiles">
        <Directory Id="INSTALLDIR" Name="xchangeTools">


I used some script also like
<UIRef Id="WixUI_InstallDir" />
    <Property Id="WIXUI_INSTALLDIR">INSTALLDIR</Property>

but i could not install my dll- inside the mentioned directory
which is C:\Program Files (x86)\Sparx Systems\EA\MyDLL


General Board / Is there any API equivalent to (Restore )
« on: February 07, 2014, 01:22:34 am »
Is there any API equivalent to (Restore to Baseline)

General Board / How to get information about an element in 2 base-
« on: January 24, 2014, 12:52:22 am »
How to get information about an element in 2 baselines,
for example I have an element e1 and this element is found in baseline1 and baseline2 and baseline3

what is the query/xml/sql can be used to get the whole information of this element e1 ,

General Board / API function to draw shapes ?
« on: January 09, 2014, 12:03:44 am »
Could somebody tell me how can I find some tutorial to learn drawing Shapes ?

General Board / API Fuction to execute Comparision
« on: December 18, 2013, 12:21:39 am »
How can I use the function {Compare Package with XMI} in Package Controller in EA from >NET ex: C#.
Is there any references to deal with the usage for this function .
how to capture the output and how to read the output to see the differences between the current package of the model with a XML for one baseline...


and the other question:
 how could I call and use "Compare Diagram to baseline"
as shown here :

thanks in advance

General Board / Problem when deleting a package manualy
« on: December 05, 2013, 03:29:13 am »
I have an EA file which has a lot of diagrams from  my friend ,
I have got the following error message when I deleted some packages in EA Project, but the others work perfectly ..
the package I want to delete contains some old diagrams from previous work,, I do not know which version were generated.

the error message is "

DAO.Database [3343]
Unrecognized database format
also I can not open the model on MS Access 2010 ..
is it ADO or JIT or DAO problem .
also I can not use Repository.SqlQuery("select * from t_object") .. it  can not perform any thing it make the program to stuck .

I use  Version : 10.0.1006


General Board / API function to get a baseline as XML-structure
« on: November 16, 2013, 03:39:08 am »
Is there any API-FUNCTION  to get a baseline as XML-structure  by using its GUID ,,

for example I need to get xml structure for Baseline of guid = {1w5412-34ee122-25ddc54-5245}..

Is that possible by EA-API ?

General Board / Make comparision between 2 baselines ?
« on: November 20, 2013, 03:34:59 am »
I am struggling from 2 weeks to find any possible API to compare between 2 baselines or to get the differences between 2 Baselines.
or any api like  GetProjectInterface().DoBaselineCompare
but this function compare the current package with all baselines...
so I need to compare baseline per baseline , not baseline per current package..

General Board / an message error in EA Add-on
« on: November 12, 2013, 01:35:11 am »
I am working with base Comparision
this is my code

 String Compared_XML = rep.GetProjectInterface().DoBaselineCompare(model.PackageGUID, baseline.Guid, "");

rep.GetProjectInterface().DoBaselineMerge(model.PackageGUID,Compared_XML, baseline.Guid, "");

when I run my add on I got the following error msg :

the question how can I look for finding a solution or any support of this type of errors in future :

General Board / API function to Restore a baseline !
« on: November 07, 2013, 02:53:12 am »
I have baselines 1 ,2 ,3
is there any API function to restore any baselines using C# code ?

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