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Bugs and Issues / FlushRTFLine(B) - Ran out of Memory
« on: May 27, 2010, 11:17:25 am »
EA Version 8.0 Build 856

From previous similar incidents, I have long since given up on actually fixing this intermittent and untraceable error but I now have a new symptom that I can't explain and I was hoping someone out there could give me any hints that they have developed over time.

We have a complex enterprise model that covers a number of applications and solutions in the one model.  We recently restructured the model to more accurately reflect some changes that we had made to our business processes.  We have not added new items or packages, just moved them about.

We have an automated process that produces RTF documents for each Client, Vendor, Project and Solution every night.

Prior to the restructure, rtf document production errors were very rare but since the change approximately every second documentation run hits the FlushRTFLine(B) error.  It almost always occurs at the earliest levels of the package tree.  

Is there anything that we can do (short of going back to the old structure) that will reduce the chance of this error happening?


Hi All,

We are currently looking at automating our publication of the standard HTML report to our internal portal for review by a wider audience.  we have been using the issues, tasks and glossary to list items we are aware of and are working on.

I have not been able to work out if it is possible to include these items as you can with the "Generate Html report" dialog.  Has anybody found a way to do this?



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