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General Board / Possible to set how java packages..
« on: July 08, 2008, 05:08:36 am »
Is it possible to set how (in terms of path) EA will render packages from a java model?

I have created a java model out from a domain model using mda transform and have a "product" package with some simple classes in it.

My question is how to generate code from these classes within the product package so that the classes are put in a directory like:

/$eclipse workspace/$project-name/com/$some-name/domain/{classes-here} ?

I manage to integrate with eclipse but as soon as I try to change the package statements in the java classes' code from something like "product" to something like
"com.hia.domain.product" then the EA plugin in eclipse starts creating new class-objects upon any changes made in the class in code (code-model are "synced")...

I've been trying for 12 hours non-stop and I just can't make EA integrate with a more elaborate package structure.

Is the only solution having java packages like /$eclipse-workspace/$project-name/product/{classes-here}?

Anyone, just a clue..

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