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Suggestions and Requests / Delphi to Oxygene
« on: March 11, 2015, 08:32:06 pm »
Oxygene from RemObjects is the follow-up of Delphi, the OO Pascal.
Is there a chance to see support for Oxygene, integrated in Visual Studio 2012 and greater in EA in the near future?

Suggestions and Requests / Synchronize Package Content Window
« on: June 22, 2012, 03:56:18 am »
on a Reverse engineering (source to model) operation raido button set, one can toggle with or without child packages

Now - my childs are a huge java frame work, all stuff previously read and put into its own frame work package, such as java, javax, sun, etc. you know the larger JAR's.

While I did not know first what childs are, I said yes once. Upss, Then the import started and and afte a while resulted in a error msg box poping up. Errors caused by jar files. The only option was a box with Yes or No but not CANCEL.

While in certain situations Yes and No is OK, if this errors happens because there is a problem with importing from the JAR's, or other binaries, such as .NET dll's, one of those real huge JAR's, or DLL's, the only option is then to kill the EA process.

I suggest to improve the overall situation for EA. When a EA operation can potentially last too long or when a chance developes that too many errors will be reported, developers should think about how to abandon then the current operation for a clean exit to main EA menues. All else puts your model at risk to get corrupt after a while.


Suggestions and Requests / Easy .NET Framework Import
« on: April 20, 2011, 10:34:36 pm »
On the risk that this was asked already100 times:

is there an easy way to do a binary import of all the microsoft framework classes and structures from all required dirs and subdirs, all the .dll's of a given project. i..e mscorlib.dll beeing one of it?


is there an easy way to import the all the ./framework/ and subdirs dll's from Microsoft to get all the classes and structures into the modell DB. This in order to just drag and drop missing classes onto the diagram space reverese engineerd, this to round up the diagrams once a given project VB.NET or C# has been sorce code imported?


does a SPARX Model DB exist which we can reference by or import into our own modell project with all framwork classes / strctures / generalisation and realisations already pre-imported / linked from this huge amount of Micrsoft Framework and Sub-Dir binaries kept in DLL's?

It would help to have an more easy launch once the time is come to start with reverse engineering


Suggestions and Requests / Partial / Friend Class use same Icon
« on: April 20, 2011, 09:57:54 pm »
Just found: Is it normal that a

Partial Class WsDisplay and

Friend Class WSDisplay

are getting entered precisely the same way into the Model DB when a reverse engineering (souce code import) takes place?

It is a bit confusing, as it is anyway.

The icon of the Partial Class could be drawn in a different coulor then the related friend class. Maybe a bad idea if a class is made of many parts (as per Microsoft) anyway.

Maybe the Icons need a side letter/number in this case, just an indicator to keep em separate and not mixing it up by accident.


General Board / how to change from Proposed to Implemented
« on: July 09, 2015, 07:03:09 pm »
Can I change a package from Proposed to Implemented and at the same time do it for all classes contained by the selected package.

Because if a package changes its state to lets say approved, guess why, but I think that all classes are at least approved too.

It would make our life much more easy !

How can I do this if ever possible.

And the same is should be possible: Select a class and change all filed types from i.e. String to Varying. How can I do that ?

General Board / Why does my Debug script result in error
« on: May 11, 2015, 09:35:29 pm »
I have managed it once, but guess why, today I get only this window when I start my debug script:

[size=9][564547458] Warning: no filters defined for package script; debugger will record every call
[564547564] Default Directory is E:\Users\C770817\SW-PROJEKTE\SAMPLES\PipeNetExam\Server\
[564547565] Default Directory is E:\Users\C770817\SW-PROJEKTE\SAMPLES\PipeNetExam\Server\
[564547565] E:\Users\C770817\SW-PROJEKTE\SAMPLES\PipeNetExam\Server\bin\Debug\Server.exe targets .NET version v4.0.30319
[564547565] Error creating process: The request is not supported.[/size]

1. Question: Why not giving the request which fails ?
2. Question: What can I do to make it work with a debugger.

Debug script is:
[size=9]Debugger: Microsoft .NET X64 Run
Default Directory: E:\Users\C770817\SW-PROJEKTE\Spezpla-ISS-Root\PipeServer
Application Path: E:\Users\C770817\SW-PROJEKTE\Spezpla-ISS-Root\PipeServer\bin\Debug\SpezplaPipeServer.exe
Cmd_line_Arg: X036713_0001[/size]


General Board / howto select the scope for start and end recording
« on: May 09, 2015, 10:44:14 pm »
I have a PipeClient and a PipeServer, some 20 classes each. They use threads. I have managed to build / clean / rebuild / to start debugging etc.

I have difficulties to generate a sequence diagram SHOWING ALL what is going on. When I place a start-recording and end-recording mark at the begin and end of a every method in every class then I can see what I like to see. But placing a single start/end marker pair to a method which involves / invokes many class/method is a no go for me.


BTW: Stack-Deep is set to 10, but even in this case if I do not set extra start-recording markers every where, I don't get what I want.

It shows only the next class/method being called, but if that method calls another objects method, this is not recorded for me.

But if I place extra markers around this next class too, I can see that this next method is called as well.

i.e. If that one then creates a thread which then runs a listen-loop dispatching up on receiving, to many potential (protocol) methods in different classes, I can only see this classes/methods being called when I place markers every where.

I remember a time when I set only one marker pair on a very large client and it returned me a very large trace which I turned into a very large sequence diagram.

What do I wrong? What has changed? What do I miss?

Then I found about marker set creation. And I populated 3 classes by RMB down, and I selected that each operation should be recorded, marker type Record function, Record Stack, Break Execution.

Then I started my program. and selected the new generated marker set.
While my program was running, I could observer that NO RECORDING TOOK PLACE. What did I do wrong ?

meanwhile, I have changed to 32 Bits for each project and subproject!
It is still the same.
[size=9][571430973] Stack recording threshold set to 15 frames
[571431160] Default Directory is E:\Users\C770817\SW-PROJEKTE\Spezpla-ISS-Root\PipeServer
[571431161] Default Directory is E:\Users\C770817\SW-PROJEKTE\Spezpla-ISS-Root\PipeServer
[571431161] E:\Users\C770817\SW-PROJEKTE\Spezpla-ISS-Root\PipeServer\bin\Debug\SpezplaPipeServer.exe targets .NET version v4.0.30319
[571431198] Process created \Device\HarddiskVolume11\Users\C770817\SW-PROJEKTE\Spezpla-ISS-Root\PipeServer\bin\Debug\SpezplaPipeServer.exe running CLR version v4.0.30319
[571431199] Debug process in domain DefaultDomain
[571431209] Debug process in domain DefaultDomain
[571431220] Debug process in domain SpezplaPipeServer.exe
[571444908] Warning, all breakpoints failed to bind, check binaries built with debug information and source files synchronized with Model
[571444909] Debug Session Ended

Why do my breakpoints, my recording ,markers not bind. s soon as I start my code in debug mode, the break point & marker windows shows all recording markers with a "?" in it.

NOTE: I have synchronized my code with the model (reverse engineering code to model, and I have rebuild all from VS and by build script from EA.

Shall I report this as a BUG ?

General Board / User Interface Modelling & Reverse Engineering
« on: March 13, 2014, 09:01:34 pm »
I am looking at the User Interface ModellingExamples from EA 11 beta 2. Is it possible to reverse engineer VB.NET GUI's into Usr Interface Models of EA? If yes - how do I do that; maybe I miss athing?

General Board / Web Services, WSDL and support for JAX-WS & JAXB
« on: June 04, 2012, 08:11:34 pm »
Looking at what Oracle/Sun does with Annotations in Java Code, annotations the Javac has to understand, this mainly in conjunction with JAX-WS and JAXB, I wonder if EA will ever support this emerging standards, mainly used to develope Web Servies and Web Service Clients with or without going first through the cycle of defining a WSDL file first.

Any thoughts welcome


General Board / HTML Reports - UTF-8 contra ISO-8859-1
« on: June 17, 2011, 01:07:06 am »
I have generated all my modells content into a large web site and put it to a remote apache web server.

using IE and index.htm and below from local PC file system shows proper German Umlauts , doing the same from Apache Web Server with IE and or FireFox shows rubish for each Germa Umlaut

The reason is: catching the file from local file system switches the encoding of IE to UTF-8, while catching the file from Apache Web Server does not switch encoding to UTF-8

I can override that behavior with setting a default character at Apache Web Server to UTF-8 BUT this will influence / impact other pages yet encoded as ISO-8859-1

To say is that:
1. Viewing the source code of the generated htm files sometimes contains "" "" "" as ISO-8859-1 singel 8 bit byte characters but the meta tag still says "it's UTF-8".

I consider this a BUG of EA; This is silly wrong, a EA BUG. UTF-8 can not have any character encoded as singel 8 bit byte unless it has to have a special meaning but certainly not for German Umlauts.

2. View HTML Source Code in IE from both locations shows UTF-8 Encoding all times. So what makes the IE not changing to UTF-8 if we read from a Web Server as opposed accessing a page from the local file system.


General Board / Bad Sequence Graphic Generator
« on: June 15, 2011, 02:28:27 am »
I have reported this as a bug. Unable to generate good png or gif files for larger sequence diagrams, AND zoom in just ends in unsharp unreadable text.

Does someone know how to generate very large diagrams?

EA is able to show you such very large diagrams very nicely, mainly sequence diagrams 1300 time 11000 pix in x direction is no problem.

However once you deside to generate this diagram for a web site, a web site for the reviewer community, larger sequence diagrams can not be read. I tried different viewers, bad lucke.

So I think it is a bad setup of the png andor gif gif generator.

GIF is even wors, it does not show up with any diagram but elements are there, as I move the mose over the emty drawing area.


General Board / OpenVMS Pascal
« on: May 03, 2011, 12:48:44 am »
Dear Members,

I was so successfull with EA in the past 2 weeks and could impress my boss. Now he is asking if there is a possibillity to get a large bunch of OpenVMS Pascal (3GL) Code reverse engineerd into an EA/UML Model.

I have seen that EA supports Delphi .PAS files, but as I don't know Deplhi Pascal I just wonder if sombody can tell me if the following can become true for OpenVMS Pascal .PAS and or .PEN files.

we are looking for an ability to RE and draw Diags
1. module relationships
2. procedures, functions, structures ... to module relations
3. drawing call-graphs starting at a procedure or function
4. drawing a callee-graph diag when a recod marker is hit.
5. drawing a call-graph from a stack recording mark
6. look at a module like a class and draw a sequence diagram

maybe one can point us into the right direction,and we are happy if only a subset becomes true over time.

Thank you 1000 times

General Board / Integration of Apache Maven
« on: May 03, 2011, 01:52:00 am »
maybe sombody can tell if maven is a target to be integrated into EA.

maven uses a pom file (project object model) and it would be very nice to see diagrams for such maven artifacts showing the project structure.

This could much help to understand maven much better, as a picture says more then a thousand words.

maven creates code from model files (.mdo) files. it can be very interesting to see this model as UML diagrams.
Im am happy to receive your thougths please.

General Board / Reverse Engineering for OpenVMS Pascal
« on: June 01, 2011, 01:05:25 am »
I have seen that Delphi Code (Object Pascal) can be reverse engineerd. We have 100K+ LOC's of OpenVMS Pascal Code and would like to reverse engineer our large Source Base.

I think if Delphi makes it it should not be so difficult to integrate other Pascal flavors as well.

Are theire any thoughts about that?
It would leverage our legacy source code base very much.

is it possible to get a document about how to do such kind of integration ourself?

Josef :)

General Board / Change Req Status from Proposed to Implemented
« on: May 24, 2011, 11:30:01 pm »
I have 100+ Requirements defined and drawn to a Custome Diagram in apackage wearing the same name, all Requirements are with a Status "Proposed" all shown in Custome Diagrams as shown in EX Example.


instead of selecting each Requirement then chang the Status from Proposed to Implemented, is there another way how I can do it for all Requirements belonging to a Package at once?

If yes, where can I read about that, if not would it make sense to make it a change request.

Josef :)

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