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Would not be interesting the possibility to generate Corba IDL files from a class diagram?

Look the example above:

TPeople = class
   Fname : string;
   procedure setName(Value: string);
   functino  getName : string;
   property name : string read getName write setName;

module UnitPeople {
 interface TPeople {
   attribute string name;

As I make to generate some Delphi classes in an single PAS file ?

General Board / Associations and "Aggregate option"
« on: October 29, 2004, 05:43:52 pm »
In a trivial bidirectional one to many relationship between "Car" and "Wheel", the "Car" have one attribute named "wheels" that is a "java.util.List" of wheels and "Wheel" have one attribute named "owner" that is the "Car" where wheels are installed.
This works fine and a correct code is generated.
But, when I edit this association (Association Link) and set Aggregate Option with "shared" or "composite", the "owner" attribute is not generated in "Wheel" class.
What's is happening?

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