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General Board / EAUML::trace and Relationship Matrix
« on: December 17, 2016, 01:08:17 am »
Slightly confused - in a relationship matrix I select the trace relationship type and link 2 elements.  However on clicking refresh the relationship vanishes.  On checking the link type I see an abstraction link with stereotype EAUML::trace is created so it's thrown me a bit.

- What am I missing please?!

I have written some VBA to change diagrams imported from Visio using the Visio Importer add-in to BPMN2.0.
I have used FQ Names to change the imported elements, e.g. anElement.StereotypeEx = "BPMN2.0::Activity".
This appeared to work fine in an empty project used to test the VBA but the behaviour seems different when running it against our project model!
i.e. in the empty project the element stereotype appears in the Project Browser as <<Activity>> but in the project model appears as <<BPMN2.0::Activity>>  and I'm wondering if I've done something wrong!
Checking the database, in the empty project t_object.stereotype = "Activity", but in our project model appears as "BPMN2.0::Activity".
Any idea why the FQ stereotype name appears in one case but not the other?!
I should add that this behaviour is happening only for Activity elements - Gateways, StartEvents, EndEvents seem fine/consistent.
Seems weird - any help much appreciated. 

General Board / Extending built in stereotypes in a profile?
« on: October 22, 2009, 12:08:17 am »
Hi all,

Apologies if this is covered elsewhere but i'm not having much luck with the search results...

I've a little experience in creating profiles and MDG Technologies, but wish to create a new profile, adding some tagged values to the existing BPMN BusinessProcess stereotype.  

I can select an Activity for a metaclass, but not BusinessProcess (which I kind of expected to see if "Include extended" is checked).  Currently, my options appear to be:

1. Create a stereotype named "BusinessProcess" and synch tagged values to update elements created from BPMN toolbox
2. Create a stereotype with a different name and change the stereotype for an existing BPMN element then synch.

I have yet to find a method of defining a stereotype to inherit the existing tags available with BusinessProcess and drag and drop elements from the resources pane

Can anyone confirm whether the above is correct and if stereotypes can be defined to extend existing stereotypes in this way?  The profile should be as easy to use as possible for new EA users, when developed.



Hi all,
Just wondered if anyone knows where Resource Document information is stored?  I'm not doing too well looking through the database...

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