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Are there any plans to support Archimate Viewpoint Abstraction Rules, as defined in Section 8.5 of and Appendix A of

This kind of functionality would be very useful across the board (in UML, etc.) and especially in relationship matrices, where the ability to map derived relationships would increase the usefulness of this feature by an order of magnitude.

Keep up the great work!


PS: This functionality has previously been alluded to - see Didier Fort's post in

Does anyone know if and how the containment of elements within ArchiMate "Grouping" constructs is represented?  More specifically, is there a way I can use the relationship matrix to view these relationships? (eg. element -> grouping)

Ditto for "Software" elements contained within "Node" elements.


What is the recommended approach for communicating some sort of add-in initialization error back to EA, ideally so that a custom error message can be displayed in the add-in manager?

In my particular case, I am loading some object definitions using Spring.NET and want to clearly communicate any configuration errors back to the user, as opposed to the standard "Error - Missing" message.

Also, does EA provide any logging hooks to plug-in developers, or should we just using our logging framework of choice?

Is there any way to access the association type (Association, Aggregation, Composition) for linked attributes in code generation templates?   I have looked at the online help, but could not find an appropriate "linkAtt*" field substitution macro.

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