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Uml Process / Importing XMI from Papyrus to EA
« on: May 12, 2015, 11:14:54 pm »

I am trying to import a simple model from the Block definition diagram from papyrus into EA.
It is just a simple block to begin with.
I used the *.notation from the project which is an XMI 2.0 file.
I renamed it to *.xmi and used the project import function of EA.
However while importing it throws the error 'import failed due to one or more errors'. Though the Log file says everything is ok. The model is not loaded.

What is the issue here and how can it be solved?


I want to tweak the SystemC Code Generation. I can access Attributes as well as the port type and name as shown in the reference guide. However I do not know how to access the direction from a stereotyped flow port (from the property declaration template). Can anyone help and provide a working code snippet?

Thank you very much.

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