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General Board / EA and UNICODE
« on: July 07, 2005, 04:18:01 am »
after setting up CVS, I have some problems with UNICODE. I have several questions because of that:
1. How do I find out that I have the UNICODE version of EA ? Is it shown somewhere ? (I didn't find it out eg. in the About box)

2. My czech language characters got lost after package export/import. When saving packages to XML I see that default encoding is windows-1252. I think better for my purposes is UTF-8 or similar. I tried to set UTF-8 in the configuration but this doesn't work. I definitely need help :)


Uml Process / Business processes modelling
« on: July 12, 2005, 12:56:24 am »
though UML is not the best for modelling of BPM, I need to model some activity diagrams with EA. Now I have following question.
My activity diagrams contain repeating actions like "Button is pushed", "Form is filled out", where the "scenario" remains the same (someone pushes a button, someone filles out some form). The concrete person "pushing" or "filling out" and the concrete button or form changes, ie. "OK button is pushed by an customer", "Invoice form is filled out by manager", etc.

Is it possible to move the abstract processes to external BPM package and then using some sort of templating create the concrete processes in the activity diagram ? Anyone using this or some similar method ?

What about a case where in one activity diagram two buttons are pushed ? Must it be modelled with two processes ?


Uml Process / Class in model and design
« on: July 03, 2005, 02:54:57 pm »
I want to model my project independently on language. So in class model I use Language: <none>. Lets say I have a language independent class: CTimestamp

Now I want to make a Java implementation of this class.
I created a new package: PROJECT_JAVA where I generated new class CJTimestamp with the same attributes and methods as in CTimestamp (but Language is set to: Java). Now I can generate the .java implementation, etc.

Is this whole idea of language independence a good idea or isit completely wrong ? Should the CTimestamp class contain all attributes and methods or should it be only "described" in the model ? Any better ideas ?

Thanks for help

Uml Process / Own defined attribute types
« on: June 07, 2005, 06:56:27 am »
i am new to EA and i have the following question. In the class diagram i am trying to model some class. Now I want to add some attributes to the class i created. How can I model my own "attribute types" beforehand that I can use in this class diagram ? (I am in the modelling phase, concrete architecture Java, C# or whatever will be decided later).

Because my models are spread accross several packages, I think my attribute types should be declared in some base package that should be included. How to do this ?

Thanks Martin

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