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General Board / Losing objects when synchronizing?
« on: April 09, 2003, 08:22:00 am »
We've been experiencing issues where objects disappear after a synchronization.  Its getting to a point where I cannot handle the risk of losing parts of our model.

This morning I synced with the master, and I lost most of the attributes off classes on which I had modified an attribute.  I lost all attributes except the ones that had been modified.  They just disappeared and it is going to take some significant time to recreate them.

At this point I am very nervous about using the product with any sort of replication.

Has anyone else had issues with this?

General Board / Attribute length without 'table' stereotype?
« on: April 15, 2003, 11:00:03 am »
I want to use stereotypes to classify some of my classes as 'Siebel business component'.  I also want to record the length of Siebel 'DTYPE_TEXT' fields.  However if I do not use the 'table' stereotype, I cannot specify the length of attributes.

I've browsed the Access tables looking for some internal meta-data that instructs EA how to deal with a stereotype.  Is the 'table' stereotype hard-coded, or is there a way for me to tell EA to support attribute length for other stereotypes?

General Board / Bug - creating constraint on attribute of a class?
« on: April 09, 2003, 08:09:40 am »
I can't seem to save a constraint I have added to an attribute of a class.  Sometimes they are saved, sometimes they are not.  For example, I cannot save a constraint with a name of 'Enumeration', but I can save one with a name of 'Values'.  I don't get an error, the constraint just does not appear when I press save.

Related to this, I believe I had set up constraints with this name prior to the latest release.  I installed build 606 this morning.  The constraints appear to have disappeared?

General Board / Import into Rose - how?
« on: April 08, 2002, 11:29:23 am »
Can anyone tell me how to import an EA package into Rose?  I think I know what to do on the EA end - generage an XMI file for the package.  But I cannot find anything in the Rose user interface for importing this package!

I'm working with a client who has 5 copies of Rose  :P gathering dust, would like to use EA  :D but would feel better knowing that its possible to eventually take the models into Rose.

Thanks in advance,

General Board / Reverse engineering VB to document
« on: April 17, 2002, 09:30:01 am »
I need to reverse-engineer some VB code to produce system documentation, and of course to support forward-engineering of the code.

Two questions:

1.  Other than what is in the user guide, is there a recommended approach?

2.  How does EA parse out VB comments - what are the rules?  it appears that it picks up comment lines prefixed with '' (two single quotes) that appear in front of procedeure declarations.  Are the full rules documented anywhere? (I've looked).

3.  Oops three questions actually.  How difficult would it be for EA to find class references to create links between classes?  Any plans for this?  This is what would really be useful.

BTW we built such a tool in the mid eighties in the Tandem environment, and the ability to forward/reverse engineer while picking up references to all objects in the code was truly awesome.  All it took was establishing some solid naming conventions oin advance.  True, however, that if becomes part compiler and less of a simple scanner.


General Board / Printing objects referenced in a diagram
« on: April 15, 2002, 11:05:30 am »
We have a fairly large component model, and we are adding to it a number of increases in scope.  This is a typical 'change request' scenario, where the users have identified 6-8 changes, each of which impacts 10 or more components.

The approach we have taken is to update each of the components with the impact of the change, and use a diagram to show an overall picture of the components affected by the change.  But I find that I cannot print documentation for only those objects referenced by a diagram in a package.

I think this would be a useful addition - a new RTF Documentation parameter that indicates that objects referenced in diagrams are to be exploded in the documentation.  I say 'exploded' and not 'included' as a diagram object might be a package.

I've looked for other ways to identify the components related to a change, but cannot use version (a single component is part of many changes) or date.

Its really a collection of objects that I want to print, and I can't move them to their own package.  A diagram would work perfectly for me.

Any thoughts?


General Board / Issues Issues
« on: February 21, 2002, 03:15:11 pm »
1.  I have issue objects sprinked throughout a reasonably large component view.  Is there any way to get a report of just the issue objects in the model?

Also, its not clear in my mind when to use an Issue object, and when to create an entry in the Project Issues list on the System view.  What do you recommend?

2.  If I create an Issues from the Project ... Issues menu command, this type of issue has more fields and a report cdan be produced.

If I use the System view and add an issue to the Project Issues tab then this appears to be yet another set of issues that is not printable.

What gives here?


General Board / Rendering of a component's attributes
« on: February 18, 2002, 06:54:06 am »
If I have a component that has a name sufficiently long to cause it to wrap, and the component has attributes (or operations), then the component is rendered with the two text strings on top of each other, even if it is tall enough to hold both strings.  

Its impractical to make the objects wide enough to hold the name without wrapping.  Is it possible to improve how the object is rendered, as it makes it impossible for me to display attributes or operations on my diagrams.

(or is there another setting that I missed?   ;) )


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