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Uml Process / PHP class var qualifier missing ...
« on: April 20, 2007, 01:32:22 am »
Hi guys!

Im testing EA right now and tried to generate PHP source code of my model (and suceeded).
The only problem is: Class vars are lacking the needed qualifier "var". Looks like this:
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class CSomeClass
  //This is what comes out:
  $some_uml_generated_var = "foo";
  //This is how it should be:
  var $some_uml_generated_var = "foo";
  function someFunction()
        //Here it would be correct without "var":
        $some_other_var = "bar";

After generating this code I deleted the class from the model, changed the code manually (added "var") and then imported it again. Then I deleted the source code and created it again with the just imported class... and... "var" is missing again.

Can anyone help? Or do I have to add "var" to every class var manually after creating the sources??
Can I change this behaviour somehow in the "Code Generation Templates"?

Kind regards and thanks for any help,

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