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General Board / Floating License Server
« on: February 02, 2023, 02:02:38 pm »
Hi, does anyone know if the Floating Licence Server is supported on Windows 2022?

This morning I've been doing a bit of network documentation.  I created an ArchiMate_Path object to describe a connection between two sites (ArchiMate_Facility).  I then went to create a ArchiMate Technology Object to represent the Circuit ID.  Hmm it's not on any tool box.  So I dropped on a class, and changed its stereotype to get a Technology Object (yah!).  However, I quickly discovered that I can not link it to anything.

I know objects aren't meant to to manifest directly in viewpoints, but network links are multi-layered.  One connection may be delivered by one or more underlying physical connections.  It was a very useful work around in previous versions of EA.

I asked this question on the LinkedIn ArchiMate group without getting a useful answer so I thought it would be useful to ask here.

How would you model the uses of a [business] product?  Some of those uses will be specified as acceptable in the accompanying contract elements related to the product (these may be actual legal contracts or SLAs et al).  Specific uses might be ruled out by the in the documents modelled by contact elements.

Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Reverse engineer MDG
« on: December 10, 2018, 10:06:58 am »
Hi all,
        is there a way to reverse engineer a MDG file?  I'm having trouble finding the EAP file containing the original model :-(

General Board / Not printable <> not publishable
« on: October 19, 2018, 08:48:21 am »
What's the design thinking behind something that has selectable and printable deselected being picked up by save to [file|clipboard]?  Printing is just a type of publishing.  Why is it treated differently than publishing the image to a file or to the clip board?

General Board / Resizable pipe shape script
« on: October 01, 2018, 09:24:56 am »
Does anyone have a resizable pipe shape script like the Visio network icon?

If so can you post it here as I can't reach a lot of the file sharing sites from my work network.

General Board / ConML
« on: May 08, 2018, 02:10:00 pm »
Yo Sparxians,
                   can we have ConML , pretty please :-)

Bugs and Issues / Whiteboard mode - white text
« on: November 03, 2017, 08:19:14 am »
Whiteboard mode.  Wouldn't you think turning a diagram to black and white should ignore the "default appearance" font colour setting for an element and not render colour behind the text labels of relationships?

I don't remember version 12 being as bad as v13 is.

General Board / Relationship Matrix - hide empty "source"
« on: October 20, 2017, 08:54:42 am »
Can I create a relationship matrix where the rows displayed for source are only those where a relationship exists to one of the targets?

Alternatively can I only show source and target where a relationship exists?

Uml Process / Relating features to requirements
« on: September 18, 2017, 02:44:19 pm »
I've been reading the help and looking at the example models but there doesn't seem to be an example that shows the relationships generally used to join a feature to a requirement.  (Not to mention issues and risks).

What's the optimal?  And does it work well with the relationship matrix?

General Board / Sub attributes
« on: September 14, 2017, 08:41:46 am »
One of the tasks I've use class diagrams for in the past is mapping how user attributes map between various data schemas within products.  For example Microsoft Active Directory to Cisco Call Manager.  This has been useful for not only dealing with technical people, but also for showing groups like Marketing or HR why their good idea is a really bad idea.

At the moment I'm looking at mapping between Azure AD -> SCIM schema -> IDM system.  The SCIM schema has sub attributes which breaks my nice pictorial approach using classes.

Does anyone have a suggestion on how I can achieve sub attributes at least pictorially in a class diagram?

As per title.

Bugs and Issues / Legend - Auto colour - Archimate component
« on: May 25, 2017, 06:54:00 am »
Hi all,
        can someone with 12.1.1230 run a quick test for me.  Create an Archimate 2 application diagram.  Dump a bunch of components on it, and give them a tagged value.  Set an auto-colour against that tagged value.  Save the diagram and exit it.  Go back into the diagram.  Are the values in the Legend still there?  My problem seems to be specific to Archimate.

Bugs and Issues / Monitor / Dialog box issues
« on: March 17, 2017, 08:54:32 am »
Today - for the first time since the big earthquake - I've managed to get a desk with two monitors.  So I have my laptop screen, an HDMI connected monitor, and a DisplayPort connected monitor.

When I attempt to view the properties of a diagram (using 12.1) I loose control of the instance of EA.  I suspect the properties dialog is opening somewhere I can't see it.  If I disconnect one of the monitors and try the same thing.  Everything is fine.

Any tips for forcing all dialogs to the viewable screen coordinates?  I can view my registry but not edit it.

Uml Process / Association class - multiple associations
« on: October 27, 2016, 09:41:39 am »
Strictly speaking should an association class be able to linked to multiple associations?

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