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Hi Stephen,

thanks again, you are great help as always!
However, via EA I can place a diagram onto another diagram either as a hyperlink or as a diagram frame. How do I distinguish between the two options via AI?




I see that EA4 allows to include a diagram on another diagram as Diagram Frame (an excellent feature, I love it!). How can I achieve that using the AUtomation Interface though? I can not find a mention of this in the help.


Excellent, thank you very much Stephen! It really does make sense once one looks into the database.
Now, is there any way how I can specify on a class (not stereotyped as table) that some of its attributes (not stereotyped as columns) have to be unique among the instances of the class? Or that it is mandatory? Is that even UML-correct? Do I have to use an attribute-level constraint to define this?

Thanks in advance!



I know how to use to Automation Interface to create elements of any type as well as their attributes. I understand that a Table is nothing but a Class with a stereotype of <<table>> and Column is an attribute with a stereotype of <<column>>.
In the EA, when you specify a stereoytype <<table>> for a class, the properties window for the class changes and offers different options than for a regular class. Thus, one can specify DDL generation options for the table, specify that a particular column is part of primary key etc.
I can not find these attributes in the documentation for the automation interface. How can I specify that a column is part of a primary key via AI?


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