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Bugs and Issues / EA V14 Crashes repeatedly under Windows-8
« on: June 23, 2018, 03:18:03 am »
I am experiencing repeated crashes of EA V14 (latest build 1422) when working with profiles and MDGs. For example:
- Select an existing UML Profile in Resources window
- Import profile overwrite:
- EA V14 crashes with a "...Tool has stopped working" message
No additional information. This also happens when importing an MDG into the model.

Repeating the same steps after relaunching the application usually works, so I suspect some sort of memory leak.

Personally, I try to use the virtual connectors whenever I can, but I agree that their implementation is "weird and buggy". Before they existed, my work-around was to create 2 separate diagrams, then place one on the other as a diagram frame, using the "Hidden" option. A little clumsy to edit, but the effect is to allow multiple instances of the same element on one diagram, and it shouldn't compromise your model integrity.

Bugs and Issues / Re: Copy/Paste and crash issues
« on: January 24, 2018, 02:44:07 am »
CTRL-B copies the diagram image to the clipboard. I have never had any problems with that.

Bugs and Issues / Re: Avoiding deleting elements in use
« on: January 24, 2018, 02:42:23 am »
Finding conveyed elements for information flows is messy - this clearly was added after the EA data model ossified. Here is a search that will tell you the source, target and flows conveying an element identified by its GUID:
SELECT Distinct o.ea_guid as CLASSGUID, o.Object_Type as CLASSTYPE, As Source, as Flow, as Destination

FROM t_object o, t_object trg, t_xref x, t_connector c
'<Search Term>' IN (
#DB=SQLSVR#s substring(x.description,0,39), substring(x.description,39,39), substring(x.description,78,39), substring(x.description,117,39), substring(x.description,156,39), substring(x.description,195,39), substring(x.description,234,39),
substring(x.description,273,39), substring(x.description,312,39),substring(x.description,351,39)
left(x.description,38), mid(x.description,40,38), mid(x.description,79,38), mid(x.description,118,38), mid(x.description,157,38), mid(x.description,196,38), mid(x.description,235,38), mid(x.description,274,38), mid(x.description,313,38), mid(x.description,352,38)
AND x.Behavior = 'conveyed'
AND c.ea_guid = x.Client
AND o.object_id = c.Start_Object_ID
AND trg.object_id = c.End_Object_ID

order by

You can write a simple script to get the element GUID from the project browser or a diagram, then call the search, or just copy/paste the GUID into the search parameter.

You can use the "Set Visible Relations" window (Ctrl-Shift-I) to permanently hide some connectors on a diagram. Not exactly what you are looking for (without writing a script), but it should be useful.

Bugs and Issues / Re: Sparx Systems Cloud Services [2003] error
« on: January 24, 2018, 01:55:09 am »
I have recently run into the same issue when trying to import/ export XMI over a Cloud connection. The cloud server logs indicate a client timeout. The only work-around so far is to use an ODBC connection instead of a cloud one. Just curious to know if you were able to identify and resolve the problem.

Bugs and Issues / Default tag values do not work properly
« on: December 12, 2017, 12:41:59 am »
Setting a default value for a tagged value type does not in fact record a default value for the tag. It displays the tag as if the value were set, but in fact the value is null, which shows up in RTF reports, etc.

Example - tag "Term Type":

This  will display as "Term Type=Acronym" for a newly created element, but unless the user explicitly uses the drop-down to change the value, the reported value for the element is null. This is worse than useless, as the users are misled into believing that a default value exists.

This bug has been around since at least V11.

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