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Thank you for your feedback  :)


When I have a boolean tagged value to add to an MDG stereotype, I create a predefined tagged value with the Boolean type.
As a result the tagged value is rendered with a drop down list to select between True and False.

I noticed from an older MDG that it is also possible to define a boolean tagged value by applying the boolean data type on the stereotype Class' attribute (as explained on qwerty site here:
The difference is that the values are lowercase i.e. true, false.

Are these just 2 alternatives with a different result (True/False vs true/false) ?


General Board / Change the browser for EA OpenID (Azure AD) auth
« on: December 02, 2022, 10:08:51 pm »

I have an EA repository configured with OpenID (Azure AD) to authenticate users (see
When users click on Login with OpenID, it opens their default browser which can either be Edge or Chrome.

We found that Chrome has an issue as the session is lost when the browser is closed, so users must use Edge. Is there a way to force OpenID to open Edge when clicked from EA ?
Has anyone come across the issue?

Thanks for the reply. I will test EA 16.1 with the latest PCS build.

Bugs and Issues / Re: V1605 copy /paste note size bug
« on: November 25, 2022, 07:36:40 pm »
I also found this bug in the current EA 16.1 build 1622


I read the following in Sparx newsletter about the release of EA 16.1

Load balancing and connection management to Pro Cloud Server
Enhanced load balancing and optimization of communications between Enterprise Architect and Pro Cloud Server.
Version 16.1 of Enterprise Architect includes many changes to improve and manage communication with Pro Cloud Server instances.
•   Load balancing and intelligent client throttling ensure optimal individual connectivity while supporting large teams of concurrent modelers
•   New strategies to enhance the modeling experience when using Enterprise Architect over high latency (slow) networks
•   New approaches to handling error conditions and disruptions
•   Restructuring memory usage in Pro Cloud Server and Enterprise Architect to provide less load during high usage scenarios such as XMI model import

A number of clients have reported performance issues working on EA via the PCS when working from home via the VPN. So any improvement in this area is worth trying.
It is not clear from the above whether the improvement requires an update on the PCS when using EA 16.1. I saw a new 5.1 PCS version is available (5.1.121) ; is an upgrade to this version required?
Last time I tried the PCS 5, I experienced some issues e.g. the multiplicity drop down values in the properties of a selected connector in EA was empty.

Bugs and Issues / Re: V16.1 Diagram legend connectors colours not visible
« on: November 18, 2022, 09:06:26 pm »
This bug has been reported to Sparx.

Bugs and Issues / V16.1 Diagram legend connectors colours not visible
« on: November 17, 2022, 11:34:25 pm »
I opened a diagram with a diagram legend showing colours for different types of connectors.
With EA16.1 (build 1621), the legend only shows the values but no coloured lines. It works fine for elements or with a previous build of EA.

I managed to get a script working by looking at the table PK operations to add the new PK column as a new parameter, and use the FK associations to update the FK operations on the associated tables (create or add the matching FK attribute).

Thank you for the link to the old forum post.
About my initial question, I'm looking at the way to update the PK and FK constraints via a script when a column PK property is enabled, but the column is not yet in the PK constraint (applicable for compound primary keys).


I have a data model generated via a DB reverse that is updated in EA in order to provide details of the changes to be made by the DBA for the next release.
I have a table with 2 columns selected as PK (e.g. table1 with id1 [PK], id2 [PK], name), and tables linked to this table via foreign keys (e.g. table2 with id [PK], tbl1id1 [FK], tbl1id2 [FK]).
I need to add a new column in the primary keys selection (e.g. id3), however this generates the following error: Cannot change the involved columns of a constraint that is part of a foreign key relationship.

I tried to change the existing PK constraint or add one with the new column, but it's not possible.
The only solution involves deleting the FK associations to this table, set the new column as a PK, and recreate the associations. This method requires deleting and generating new operations which is not ideal.

Is there a workaround ? A script could probably help to automatically update all FK operations and avoid deleting anything, but it won't be an easy one.
Note that I found a thread on this topic here, but the link to another thread doesn't work:

Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Re: Javascript calling JScript
« on: October 28, 2022, 09:45:07 pm »
I did a test but executing the query "select bincontent from t_document where docname= 'myImage.png'" but I didn't manage to do anything with the returned base64 value (I tried some online Image base64 decoder..)

Do we need EA API to decode the diagram images from the DB stored value ?



I'm opening this thread as I'm trying to achieve Geert's function to build an array from a query using JScript.

Below is the code that I currently have but I'm getting an error for line foreach (rowNode in rowList).

What I'd like to do is having a function similar to DBGetFieldValueArrayString in EAScriptLib.JScript-Database but for all columns returned by my query, not just one.
e.g. if I run "select object_ID, name, stereotype from t_object ...", I'd like to have a 2D array to read values for each row, and each field (result[0,0], result[0,1], result[1,0], result[1,1], etc.)

Code: [Select]
var queryResult = Repository.SQLQuery( sql );
if ( queryResult.length > 0 )
var resultDOM = XMLParseXML( queryResult );
if ( resultDOM ) {
var resultArray;
var rowList = resultDOM.selectNodes( "//EADATA//Dataset_0//Data//Row" );
var rowNode;
if (rowList.length > 0) {
var i = 0;
foreach (rowNode in rowList)

I found the issue: I have several EA versions installed on my PC (EA 15.1, 15.2, EA 16) and it only works with the latest version.

You can debug vbscript if you have install the microsoft script debugger.

I have a copy of that on my google drive as it is not available anymore from Microsoft


Hi Geert,

I managed to download and install the debugger which works with EA VBScripts.
However I cannot see the properties of an object e.g. if I have an EA.attribute variable, I cannot see attr.Name, attr.AttributeGUID in the Locals view.
Am I doing something wrong ?

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