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General Board / Re: EA and Oracle Designer
« on: March 23, 2004, 06:10:46 am »
Bruno, we'd love to try it out.   Which version of Designer does it support?  We're running on version 6, but also have a couple of 9i repositories we could try it out on.


We're using Designer 6, and 9i is imminent.  We've customised the metamodel a fair bit, though I don't think any of it matters much with regard to this particular problem.

I've got an evaluation version (3.60.660) of EA at the moment.

We use the standard entity-relationship modelling tool, with a few additional properties and associations.  We would like to export and convert all the entities and relationships on an ERD.


We're still investigating options, so we'd be interested in reading Rose or XDE models, and in the use of XMI.  XMI may be our preferred route - we could possibly cut out a step, if we can get our modelling tool developers to generate XMI, instead of a Rose model.


Has anyone managed to get XMI import fro Rational XDE working?

Reading the messages on this board, I can see that I'm not the only person frustrated by the non-standard 'standard' that is XMI.

I'm checking out EA's support for generating XSD, initially from Entity-Relationship models held in Oracle Designer.  We have a utility that can generate a Rose model from such file; I have Rational XDE, which doesn't support XML Schemas, but does export XMI.  I've generated both tagged and untagged XMI from XDE, and tried importing to EA as 'EA XMI' and 'Rose XMI', with little success.  Whatever I do, all I get are the classes, with blank-named attributes, and no associations.  The XMI file refers to UML 1.4, and the associated DTD differs a fair bit from the UML_EA.DTD.

Is there a better way of doing this?

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