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Uml Process / Business Modeling with UML (E-P-Extensions)
« on: June 12, 2003, 10:38:02 pm »
Dear Reader,

my company (NEO) is primarily moving in the eBusiness and Mobile Services Space where Processes are often not that established and documented as they need to be. For requirement specification we already intensely make use of UML. We would like to evaluate and adopt the UML extensions and patterns proposed by Eriksson-Penker. Due to this I have got the following questions:

+ Are there any resources, especially information about tools which support E-P-business modeling.

+ Which tools actually support integral and visual business modeling? Does EA this?

+ What relation do the E-P-Extension have to UML 1.5 respectively UML 2.0? Are they widely used and going to become a standard (beside others like EPK)?

+ Are there advanced case studies / examples basing on the Eriksson-Penker-Extensions?

Thanks for support / answers.

Arvin Arora
NEO Business Partners

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