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Well, all I need is a way I could group classes as a package (just for organization) but allowing generate code for each class separately.

I've tried:

  • Packaging component - but have same problem with package
  • Component - doesn't not allow code generation for classes inside it
  • Class with custom stereotype - just a disaster


Please, is there no way to simply import classifiers from a package (or other kind of grouping) to another, allowing behavioral code to be generated as if they were all in the same package?

How can I have a simple library with common stuff, if EA does not make available a way to group classes and generate behavioral code using this library?
I can't just duplicate classes I need in every package...

Please, any help?


I need behavioral code generation to recognize classifiers from other packages.
Because I wish to mantain one package for system itself, other(s) for libraries and frameworks (it makes sense, right?).

So, sometimes a system class' attibute is of a type from library package.
But, when I try to generate behavioral code, I get only "/*Warning:  - No valid classifier set!*/" in code.

It works only when I put library package INTO system package, but it doesn't make sense in my mind.

Is there some kind of importing I can use, so I don't need to put library package into system package; in order to behavioral code generation could recognize classifiers into those libraries?

Thanks in advance and happy new year from Brazil.

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