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Uml Process / Generate XML schema - XSD Simple type - ISO TC211
« on: June 14, 2016, 11:35:37 pm »

I'm trying to implement a new XSD simple type "NonEmptyString", with at least one character (minLength set at 1, plus a pattern), under the UML Profile for INSPIRE directive.

I tried by creating a new class, setting its stereotype to type, then generalizing from the CharacterString type in INSPIRE specifications (ISO TC211 repository), and adding a minLength attribute with default value set to 1.  ==> FAIL. Creates the class, but with an attribute named minLength.

I tried that, generalizing from the "string" element in the UML profile for XML schema, and creating a class with the type XSDSimpleType as a stereotype, and setting the type to string, then under the UML menu, setting the minLength tag value at 1 (thus doing a restriction). ==> FAIL. Does not create the class at all.

Many thanks for any hypothesis you may have to provide. :)

Uml Process / Re: Generate XML Schema - Default File Names
« on: June 14, 2016, 10:33:10 pm »

1) Install UML Profile for XSD Schema (how to install is described here : )
2) Save
3) add some elements from the UML profile to your diagram/package
4) save again
5) Right click your package and change its stereotype to XSDschema within profile UML Profile for xsd schema, OK, close the properties
6) reopen the properties, you should now have a simpler interface that proposes "Schema" "Target" "Prefix" "Default" and "Schema".
7) once you have set the "Schema" value, it should stay as is by default.
8) should you want to unset the stereotype, click, in that interface, the "UML" button, and unset the stereotype (learned the hard way not to ignore the button).

Hope it helps :)

General Board / Tagged values
« on: May 10, 2016, 09:38:18 pm »
Hi all,

I have a logical model on EA, that I use to generate a GML application schema. On some compulsory attributes (string ones), even if the multiplicity is set to 1:1, and not nillable (nillable="false", default behavior), when I create a bogus XML file, I can leave the XML tag unfilled and it's still considered valid.

I tried putting a "minLength" tag at 1, but it does not translate into the XML schema. After looking into it, it seems that's because attributes are not treated as SimpleType. How can I force EA to tell its XML generator that a certain attribute is going to be a simple type ?

Many tahnks for any hints. :)

Found a partial "not EA" solution replacing all the new fuzzy icons with the old pretty icons, using a homebrew PHP scripting solution once the report has been generated. It is rather inelegant, but it works.

Should anyone have an idea, or a more elegant solution, I'd be happy to take it and apply it in the future.

Found a fix for the diagram : Go to "Tools","Options", "Diagram".

In General : Tick "Zoom to best scale" , and set "Scale Saved Bitmaps at 100 %. Add to the Image Memory Limit too.

Still haven't found anything for the icons.

Hi all,

When I changed from EA 11 to 12, I noticed that the quality for the diagram image went down in the HTML documentation generated. Would you know how to get the image to a better quality ?

The icons, once the documentation is generated, are not as crisp clean as they used to either, and have a green border added that wasn't there before. Image below for comparison purposes, all icons have the same problem. Would you happen to know what is causing this slight difference, that isn't very aesthetically pleasing ?

Many thanks by advance for any answer that would help me get to a solution. :)

Bugs and Issues / Re: Tagged value
« on: January 07, 2016, 01:32:37 am »
Get into the template in EA (generate documentation, open template).

In the "sections" toolbar in EA, on the left, you have something called "Element" with a tickable box "Tagged Values". Perhaps this would help ?

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