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Bugs and Issues / Change artifact to external wiht double click to open
« on: August 06, 2019, 11:19:58 pm »

case 1: If I drag and drop an external document in to EA and select Artifact (external) a double click on artifact element results in opening the document (like Hyperlink)
case 2: Creating artifact from inside EA e.g. toolbox I get artifact element too. Assigning e.g web adress or local file adress to file. Now I expect same behaviour as in case1 but double-click leads opening property dialog only. Under File I can select the entry and click "Launch" to open file. But this workflow isn't I want to.

What's wrong in my workflow or what to configure to get behaviour described under case 1?

Thanks in advance


I collect references to external sources (documents like pdf or ppx, web ...) in diagram as hyperlinks. Now I want to generate document (word /pdf) to broadcast diagrams with hyperlinks containing. If I generate HTML report I can select hyperlink on diagram (in browser) and the requested (external ro other tool and/or locations) document opens. But if I do generate document (e.g. Model Report Template) as Pdf or Word I get  diagram with displayed hyperlinks, but without fĂșnctionality (diagram elements are displayed separate model elements beginning with https:\\... . If I use for word internal viewer $inet://http:// is displayed and links can be followed by CTRL + click.
Is anyone able to describe how to generate documents with required "living" hyperlinks. I do not find explanation in EA documentation.

Thanks in advance

General Board / Re: SysML: Classify Flow Property with Enumeration
« on: March 28, 2019, 10:06:02 pm »
proposing following procedure:

1) Define a new reference data UML Types /Tagged Vlue Types, e.g.
Tag Name: ModelEnum
2) define new valueType "test" with a tagged value defined in step 1)
3) type the flow property with the valueType defined in 2)

Bugs and Issues / legend using with wildcards
« on: March 27, 2019, 12:30:32 am »
I want to use diagram legend to colorise elements using wildcards, e.g. colorise all elements starting alias with "Analyse #". Does anyone know if this is supported or are fix values only possible.


I tray to build matrix speciifcation with user defined search (EA 1427). E.g I need to search all activies with version 1.3. It is possible to call such a search inside a relationship matrix. But try same in matrix specification artifact, I can select a place (Package) in project browser only. Is there a deeper sense in this limitation or is there a trick to get matrix specification artifact work the way I expect?

Thanks in advance

SysML-Diagrams are movable only if diagram frame isn't active, otherwise following message is displayed
"Diagram frame(s) are currently being displayed. Please disable them and save the diagram(s) before continuing".
This note is also displayed when diagram isn't open. Bug or Feature? If feature why?

General Board / Re: Value/Attribute inheritance? (SysML)
« on: March 19, 2019, 06:45:31 pm »
Hi jstephanauskas,

I believe you only need to inherit from your parent block. select your inherited block an starting with EA 14 in "Feature & Properties" window the tab "Parts/Properties" the inherited parts and properties ar displayed. Where the part/property belongs to, you will see in column "Owner". Selecting checkbox at the beginning of name reuslts in displaying part in the inherited block. if not exists, this action generates the (part)property to the inherited block too. Same works for ports. For this kind of elements see the tab "Interaction Poins".

Thanks Helmut for feedback,

meanwhile I asked sparx and got following answer
As described on:
Custom SQL searches are supported if they are returning elements; the SQL must include ea_guid AS CLASSGUID (case sensitive).

With this little difference query works.


in method 3 describes using model search within relationshsip matrix

I just try to apply model search (target) but do have problem to get a simple self defined example SQL query running, like e.g.
select ea_guid as CLASSGUID, t_object.Object_Type , t_object.Name, t_object.Version from t_object where t_object.Object_Type = "Activity"

not to talk about more complex SQL-queries that results only the latest version of the activities (version number). If I call this from "find in Project" the query works fine

In,40493.msg247612.html#msg247612 it seems to work, but I get search running only that bases on searches defined in "Query Builder"

Where I'm wrong? short-term recommendations greatly appreciated
Thanks in advance

I want to use e.g. SYSMOD-MDG with current EA 14.1 (Build 1427). If I try to add SYSMOD-stereotype to e.g. a connector (double click) in a SysML ibd-diagram, dialog 'connector properties' is displayed, and afterwards try to change the stereotype (via dialog "Stereotype for: Connector) the Profile dropdown list only offers "SysML 1.5" profile.
If I write the FQN SYSMOD::information manually in field of the property window and reopen the stereotype-dialog, the dropdown list contains SYSMOD too.
If I then deselect the stereotype from SYSMOD (no further use of SYSMOD for this connector) and do the same proceeding as described at the beginning, SYSMOD isn't offered again.
Bug or feature or a kind of configuration? Someone who knows this observation?

Thanks in advance

Uml Process / Re: [sysML1.4] How to type a connector with EA
« on: March 20, 2018, 08:01:33 pm »
I do not aggree with your statements, because in example from Friedenthal (p 24, Plug <-> Socket) the connector between proxy ports of the two parts is typed by the association block (A1) used in BDD. The solution you describe is valid inside ibd of Association block (A1) itself (participant properties) but this does not have added value, because you need to model the information that the connection between the parts (:Appliance, :Power Source) or rather the proxy ports linking inside the parts to :Plug and : Socket is constructed as described by association block A1. What will happen, if there is another association block (A2) definition with e.g. additional parts. How will you be able to specify which block to use.  So I assume that there is a fault or missing functionality in EA too (actual checked with EA 13.5), because I am also not able to call "Set Connector Type ..." on connector between the part properties


referring to I want to redefine SysML1.4::extendedRequirement the way that a tagged value "ASIL" is added and the two tagged values "risk" and "source" are removed. This redefined extendedRequirement expected to influence the origin toolbox extendedRequirements and is the base for deriving self-defined kinds of requirement. I did describe this redefinitions in profile (based on MDG-Template), saved it as profile and do import it as UML-Proifle. I see my own requirement and it contains the new tagged value "ASIL", but the removed "risk" and "source" too. And this isn't, what I did expect. Additionaly using extendedRequirement from toolbox nothing changed (looks like not redefined).
if I do have a look inside the saved profile-xml file I see following sequence that seems to be ok with regard of target to add ASIL but remove the unwanted tagged values (->Properties?):
<Stereotype name="extendedRequirement" notes="" cx="0" cy="0" generalizes="SysML1.4::extendedRequirement" baseStereotypes="SysML1.4::extendedRequirement" redefines="SysML1.4::extendedRequirement">
               <Tag name="ASIL" type="" description="" unit="" values="" default=""/>
               <RemovedProperty name="source" description=""/>
               <RemovedProperty name="risk" description=""/>

Does anyone can explain where I am wrong or is the behavior caused by not deploying the redefinition as MDG?

Thanks in advance

General Board / Re: ISO 80000-1 Quantaties and Units
« on: March 08, 2018, 02:49:45 am »
Ea supports change from SysML 1.3 to SysML 1.4 via Script. Maybe a bit crude but a) generate from EA-Model-Wizzard "Unit and Quantity Kind library" from SysML 1.4 and b) than generate (inside) from SysML 1.3 "Quantity MKinds and Units".  c) run script "Migrate SysML 1.3 to SysML 1.4" (menu Code/Scipting/SysML 1.4). You see the Units and Kinds like SysML 1.4. ...


Question to use of API for CreateBaseline. API Doc describes the requirement to first parameter "PackageGUID: String - the GUID (in XML format) of the Package to Baseline". I found some example for jscript but not for Java API.
I do call
org.sparx.Package packageSel = m_repository.GetTreeSelectedPackage();
m_repository.GetProjectInterface().CreateBaseline(packageSel.GetPackageGUID(),startDate, baseLineNoteStr + startDate);

and it runs seemingly well, but I'm not sure if I use the api well.
Can someone confirm or please describe correct use of api.

Thank you  in advance


I guess I don' see teh forest for the trees...  But I need urgent suggestion

In my HybridScript I added support for baseline nad did static on most "constants" I defined inside my script

org.sparx.Package packageSel = m_repository.GetTreeSelectedPackage();
m_repository.GetProjectInterface().CreateBaseline(packageSel.GetPackageGUID(),startDate, baseLineNoteStr + startDate);

 and first time all works right, but suddenly I get following crash message...

java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: Unable to find GetTreeSelectedElements
at org.sparx.Repository.comGetTreeSelectedElements(Native Method)
        at org.sparx.Repository.GetTreeSelectedElements(
        at SparxSystems.RepositoryInterface.syncEaWithPtcData(
        at SparxSystems.RepositoryInterface.main(
[Loaded java.lang.Shutdown from shared objects file]
[Loaded java.lang.Shutdown$Lock from shared objects file]

I deleted the libs eaapi.jar and SSJavaCOM.dll inside my local "lib"-package, but nothing changes.

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