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General Board / Re: Refresh all diagrams after updating style
« on: December 14, 2016, 12:47:07 am »
Thank you, Paolo and qwerty. At least I now know that I haven't missed the feature somewhere. I am not a developer or architect, but, if my description below is adequate, I would be happy to submit it as a new feature request. 

I don't know the ins and outs of the database, but it seems to me that, wherever EA records the instance of element A on diagram B, it is now storing the fill/color/font/etc. details of the style at the time it was applied.

You could still store this information for the case where someone overrides the default or applied style, but there could also be:
  • A 3-state column to indicate Default Style, Style Applied, Style Overridden. Default Style is not defined in the t_trxtypes table. Style Overridden would mean the user made manual changes to the Default Style or after applying a saved style.
  • A column with a reference to t_trxtypes.TRX_ID to link to the saved style that is applied.
When the diagram is rendered, if the 3-state column indicates Style Applied, the renderer would get the information for the style from the t_trxtypes table; otherwise, it would use the default or override style information.

Also, a Style attribute could be added to the Stereotype Settings, so you could set the t_trxtypes.TRX_ID to use for the stereotype.

Does this make sense and cover all the aspects we'd like to see in this feature?

General Board / Refresh all diagrams after updating style
« on: December 13, 2016, 01:35:23 am »
Does anyone know if Sparx ever did anything to improve style usage in diagrams? I found this posting from several years ago:,29070.msg215871.html#msg215871

I just upgraded to v13 and thought this might have been implemented by now, but it appears not.

I have about 100 diagrams under one package of my model, each with a Text Element that uses a style I called Title. Now my client wants me to change the color of these titles. I set the new color on one diagram and updated my Title style. Since all of the other diagrams are not automatically updated with this color change, is there a way to refresh or reapply the style without
  • opening each diagram,
  • selecting the Text Element on the screen, and
  • selecting the style from the drop-down list?
I could even handle a Project Browser script if someone could give me the keys on how to code it.

Thanks for your help.

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