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Agreed. Executable Code Generation from Behavioral Models==> this is the url I refer for edition, right now I am trying with EA Trial there selected software engineering still I didn't get.. I just need to analyze more to have better understanding.

Similar to this I expect link :

Dear All,
Thanks for the information, I will do as per this article, and see my purpose obtained. If I stuck in between will seek help from you ppl :) :)

True...EA scripting language helps in generating code from activity diagram? as of now I am not getting option to generate the code for activity diagram, currently in EA 12 I am able to get the option to generate the code (just the skeleton structure of the class) from a class diagrams.

I have workflow and I represented those in activity diagram with condition loops can it not generate code( Just a skeleton structure)!?? for instance: forward engineering concept how Rational Rose does.. I am just analyzing EA can be used in place of rational rose.

Thank you I will try it out, In the EA trial version after the installation I try to look into registry for EA Addin its not there do I need to do anything to the details in registry? Kindly suggest

Thanks, I believe that is on C# in the same way can we get using JAVA?

Can anyone help in adding plugin which append customize menu in EA menus

Team- I am new to EA and exploring few concepts for my understanding, Need help in generating java code from Activity diagram. I have gone through the topic mentioned in EA Tutorial, but unable to follow. Can you share any material/Example which explains step by step procedure.

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