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General Board / Object Instances and 'Show Composite Diagram'
« on: December 12, 2017, 08:58:37 am »
Does anybody know why Sparx EA allows Object Instances to have composite diagrams but not have the capabilities to 'Show Composite Diagram' in a compartment like an Object Classifier?

Does anybody know of a way to be able to show composite diagrams with Object Instances?

I hear conflicting information regarding the use of CTE in EA.  I understand that if EA is running on SQL Server, then CTE is a function that can be leveraged, such as the following: (however this seems to get no response from EA when invoked)
       cte_tree (t_package.Parent_ID, t_package.Name, t_package.Package_ID)
              SELECT t_package.Parent_ID, t_package.Name, t_package.Package_ID
              FROM t_package
              WHERE t_package.Package_ID = '11487'
              UNION ALL
              SELECT c.Parent_ID, c.Name, c.Package_ID
              FROM t_package c
              INNER JOIN cte_tree p on p.Parent_ID = c.Package_ID
FROM cte_tree
WHERE t_package.Package_ID <> '11487'
My objective is to retrieve all Packages that are within a hierarchy through a SQL statement.  The #Branch# function works great when there is a requirement to have a User select a Package to start from.  However in a Model View, the goal is for no User interaction regarding selection.

General Board / Re: IS there a guide to recommended security groups
« on: November 23, 2017, 06:27:59 am »
Do you also use a third-party version control system such as TFS or CVS?

Is there a way to draw boxes around elements without having the elements be "bounded" to the box, meaning if you move the box those elements within the box do not move with the box?

My goal is for pure diagram annotation purposes - I am using the "Whiteboard" MDG and it is behaving similar to Boundary elements.

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